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  1. I thought nothing looked weirder than overlaying an unmoving wrinkled piece of paper on an animation, but that video proved me wrong. overlaying the same wrinkled piece of paper in the exact same position on multiple scenes looks even more wrong.
  2. The 99 percent blog (unrelated to the recent protest movement) has a lot of great articles and advice on the topic of creative productivity, process, etc. http://the99percent.com/
  3. the cloud aspect would have been great if it involved some kind of really well integrated backup/storage/asset management/version control killer app. as it is though I guess it can be useful for people who work on short term projects or companies that regularly need to add or remove extra seats.
  4. nog

    Lytro Camera

    I have no idea what kind of voodoo technology they're using. But I've often thought it would be cool to have a camera that just captured as deep of a depth of field as possible: everything is automatically in focus. And then alongside that it could capture some kind of depth pass (I don't know how. some fancy infrared thingamajig? figuring out the parallax between two cameras?) And then you could do selective focus in post. Same thing with exposure. Imagine some kind of ultra HDR sensor where you don't even worry about exposure, it just captures everything, then you adjust in post.
  5. Yep, the first person to copy it was maybe a plagarist. But by the time the 1000th person has copied the same thing, it's now a "style."
  6. uh... not really. At least not in my experience. But then "web business" is kind of a hugely broad generalization.
  7. Yeah, I agree Monkey. I thought the stuxnet piece was pretty well executed compared to a lot of the generic infographic animations out there. And it looks nothing like that mk12 piece.
  8. I've never used Unmult, but the method I mentioned would be darker because you're basically applying that same luma information twice. You could sort of fix that by tweaking the contrast of the mask with levels or curves or whatever. I'm not sure how Unmult does it though.
  9. select all, copy, new channel, paste, command-click to make a selection, make the selection into a mask for the layer.
  10. I think it's a cool look though, and it's something people are getting used to seeing from iphone games. It gives an interesting mixture of realistic motion and a cartoony feel. Plus it looks like it would be a useful way to generate data that you can than work into a bigger 3D comp. And like anything in AE, having it available quickly and easily will allow people to discover new ways to abuse the effect and get unexpected things out of it that you would probably never stumble upon in a full 3D app.
  11. Yeah, I don't know specifically how to spot which is which, but I just followed my gut instinct and voted for the one I thought looked better and got 18/20.
  12. Oh wait, I was missing the "color depth" pulldown and just changing the output file format. Your test file works fine for me. Mylenium is right, as expected.
  13. Yep, Aaron, that's exactly what I tried. Is there some "bit-depth override" checkbox I'm missing?
  14. It's not wrong. The project settings determine what bit depth the project is in. The render settings determine what kind of file you render to. So for example, I often work in 16 bit but then render to an 8 bit file. That way all of the compositing and effects are done in 16 bit to reduce banding, but the final render is output to a regular 8 bit file. And of course that setup means that you can do what you've been doing and render an 8 bit project into a 16 bit file, even though there's no reason you would ever really want to. edit: I see what you mean now. "overrides the project color depth when rendering for final output" is really confusing because it makes it sound like it should work the way you're describing it. I just tested it though, and if you do what you're saying it even gives you an error message "output module depth exceeds project color depth" or something like that.
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