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  1. phonk

    Soft Particles

    I love the color and the shading, music accompying it gives it an extra warm feel... the 'popping in ' (or suddenly dying of the particles), aswell the 'popping in' (the birth) makes it less fuzzy and sort of breaks the warmness/fuzziness i.m.h.o. cheers
  2. Another thing i'd like to add; a lot of these pieces are made for theatre (for example the liquids are stereoscopic animations for visuals for an opera by Stockhausen, produced at Urano in Barcelona) , mapping-projections or music-videos. I should be clearer about the origins and background of my work in that sense. (A thought that came up afters Seth's feedback). I try to incorporate this in the descriptions on my site, and make a clearer division between 'artistic' productions and the more 'commercial/communicative' ones... Thanks again Seth for stimulating my thoughts
  3. Thank you Seth, very valueable feedback, and touching some thoughts i had myself (especially the length of the liquid-piece). I will incorporate the pitches in my reel, and also take your feedback with me in polishing the site. Thanks!
  4. Hi, Just updated my site (built my own WP theme ) and added my new reel.. check'em out at www.phonk.nl Please let me know what you think... cheers, Mike
  5. phonk


    Thanks, real good constructive crits there! I did some editing in the music myself; so obviously that's not my thing Now workin on a new real, and i'll keep my eye on the tunes / intro length... cheers!
  6. phonk


    haha, thank you, very kind! the character was a test, and shouldn't have put it there, very true.. But my girldfriend at the time liked it so much If you're interesed you can drop me an email at mike@phonk.nl thnx
  7. phonk


    Hello, My soloreel for '09. www.phonk.nl ...thanx for lookin and sharing your thoughts on it... cheers!
  8. phonk


    thanx! it's phonetic for phonk in hiragana; pu - on- ku -e (or something in that spirit) ,I was in tokyo for a few days and got interested in hiragana characters...
  9. ... I know there isn't such a thing, but are there similar plugins or techniques available for 3dsMax? Specifically I'm looking for functionality like animation-offset in mograph (c4D).. I hope i'm asking this question on the right forum thanx in advance!
  10. phonk


    Hi there, My name's mike and I'm a freelance m-graphics artist from The Hague, Holland. I'd like to share my reel with you, it can be found on www.phonk.nl thanks for any chrits! Cheers.
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