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  1. I have two tickets for OFFF 2010 Paris. but I can't make it anyway :/ So I'm trying to give this tickets to someone who need it. (Someone in paris now, and If you are a student, that would be great.) It's General Pass - 3 Day Ticket. If you need this tickets, please mail me ASAP. I'll send you tickets via email. (pdf files) boxdna@gmail.com cheers.
  2. Great! I'm suprised it's your first animated film. especially intro title was so good. I love that style! but you should be careful when you use drop shadows in that style. It could get rid of depth feeling of scene. Keep up the great work!
  3. rrier

    HTML5 in youtube

    This means realplayer doesn't work in YouTube any more?
  4. can't wait your fantastic new plug-in!!
  5. great work! love this film
  6. rrier

    Today Is Tomorrow

    great Reel! wonderful BTW what was that work with korean words? (just curious)
  7. thanks destro (I did search before but couldn't find that post. maybe because I search the word 'carousel'.)
  8. http://vimeo.com/4216231 I really want to know how they make this one continuous tracking shot. is this 3D? or film? I'm confuse.. plz~ anybody let me know~
  9. thanks karinkova! and thanks Nick! I was using 3ds max for all the camera work and animation. and I rendered it for just white-black squence, every single object separately. and loaded all the squences in after effects to give them colors(matt layer). and make colors change by music rythm. (It's hard to explain my work in english because I'm not that good at english. so plz excuse my mistake words.)
  10. hey guys! it's first time to posting my work in mograph. and this is my third personal project. any advice or critique would be very thankful. please be direct. because I'm student now. http://vimeo.com/3350189 (how do i embed vimeo clips?) if you want to check high quality still images then plz stop by my blog Thanks!!
  11. well, I think this website's layout is too bold and too simple. I mean, more than necessary. wish you make a nice website and good luck with your new company
  12. wow, i like your reel especially 'animania' logo.
  13. Awsome preset Andrew, your preset is always useful and amazing. thanx for everyting
  14. rrier


    good job bytheway whats that japaness mean?
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