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  1. Hey all, Several years ago RES magazine put out a fantastic DVD compilation of music videos, ads, and shorts. I miss RES. Is there anything like that out there now? Where are you all seeing some of the most creative, and interesting motion graphics these days?
  2. Ah, that makes sense. Great reply, thanks Grundly!
  3. When you are using 3d in AE, what is the difference between orientation and rotation? Is there a standard about which to use? --Aaron
  4. I will have to give that a shot, thanks!
  5. Hi all, I have been having some trouble with the audio bed in my copy of AE. Has anyone run into anything like this? - RAM preview will skip over bits of the audio - Renders will skip over bits of audio, and cut areas out - Deleting the audio and placing back into the timeline will help... for a little while. - Is there a preferred way to add audio to/format for audio tracks in AE? Thanks for any suggestions anyone may have! --Aaron
  6. Hah, I missed that thread. Fantastic, thanks!
  7. Can anyone recommend good examples of mograph storyboards that are online, or any sites that address how to create good storyboards?
  8. I found it, the fact that it was a preset is what threw me. Thanks everyone for the replies!
  9. Ok, sorry to be dense, I was looking for this but couldn't find it. Is it a standard effect, or is it an add on? The method that I was considering is actually new in CS4, that much I did learn by poking around online. I'll track down and try the much touted Separate XYZ Position effect.
  10. Its frustrating. In CS4, there is a button that allows you to separate the X and Y (and Z if its a 3d layer), this allows you to control the position in each axis independently. I can't figure out how to do this in CS3. It shows the X, and Y channel as being separate, but I have no access to bezier handles. Its very odd. Has anyone had experience with this?
  11. This is a really good idea. Looking at camera moves in real film is huge. There are lots of subtle things going on. Its a lot like other animation, the more 'computery' or floating it looks, the less it will impact the viewer properly.
  12. ahschmidt

    Motion Logo

    Thanks for the tips! I agree about the type. It is a bit strange, and sparse. I will have to see about working it a bit more. Making the logo isometric has been challenging, it just doesn't look right. I am with you on the camera moves for sure. Something to give the whole piece a bit more flow, and organic feel is very much needed.
  13. ahschmidt

    Motion Logo

    http://www.ahschmidt.com/animation/studio_f/ This is a work in progress animated logo. I am thinking about animating the grime a bit to keep if from being too stiff seeming. I also want to try to mess with the timing of the 'drawn lines' as they don't seem to relate to the boxes the way I would like. Let me know what you think, all crit is welcome!
  14. I'm new to the motion graphics scene. Most of what I have learned was as a interactive designer. I generally focus on the animation/production based on someones set of storyboards. Occasionally those storyboards were made by me!
  15. I am used to CS4 AE where there is a way to split up the X,Y,Z channels in the graph editor. How do I do this in CS3? I am trying to get bezier handles on my graph keys, but I can't seem to achieve this. Any thoughts?
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