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  1. I've just recently completed an audio visual mapping installation in Exeter, UK. I took a photo from the projectors locked off position a couple of months before starting my work in after effects. Using the photo as a guide I made all the animations fit and work with the buildings structure. The installation focus's on the main entrance of the Exeter Phoenix Arts Center. An 8 minute loop was sequenced in fcp to an audio score produced by DJ Jusme. The final edit was outputted using modul8 to an HD projector and wireless speakers. http://vimeo.com/8232702 Feedback welcome. Thanks
  2. Here is a demo reel with some of the free VJ loops.... demo reel
  3. Ground control to major Tom. I've finally updated the video olympic site, I still need to add some more reels but its nearly there. Thanks to VJ Eggatronix for donating the video loops! (The loops are designed for Modul8.) You can download 4 .zip files containing 6 loops Also there is some green screen footage to download, 3 .zip files containing 3 loops. Would be great to have some feedback, good or bad. Also, I know this isn't the place to ask but if anyone knows of some links I should really have on my links page (including your own) please let me nose. Cheers ears. Viddyus Olympus
  4. Eaglebot

    VJ demo

    Hi all Please have a look at my new VJ reel YOUTUBE LINK Thanks! VIDEOOLYMPIC
  5. Bonjour And now for something completely different... Please have a look at VJ Eggatronix's new VJ Demo Reels on Video Olympic All video's where recorded live using a midi controller to create on the fly multi-layered comps. Wave to new rave! Also, Free Green Screen. Eaglebot
  6. Bonjour! Please check out and download a free alpha video bundle by Video Olympic. Peace E
  7. Hey, check out Sta12 Media's Motion Graphics Showreel 2009© http://www.motiongraphics.org.uk Thanks for the Free Green Screen Download! Video Olympic x x x x
  8. Hi Free royalty free green screen clips to download and use at your own discretion. Download here Peace and Love Video Olympic
  9. Bonjour! 2 Free Green screen clips can be found at videoolympic.co.uk Royalty Free! Enjoy.
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