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  1. Yeah i saw the one by Veer and im thinking about getting it. I`d like to make my own but not sure where to start one of those. Is there somewhere i can see examples of other peoples portfolios? Also, is there a design board as great as this one?
  2. Anyone here have a degree in graphic or media design from your University? I ask because im getting ready to put together a portfolio for one, but i`ve never done it before. I know thay have guidelines but i want to see examples of what people have done, best place to buy the material to hold it in etc. Maybe a design board would be a better place to ask but i dont know so many, so if you have that, please point me in the right direction. I`m going for my masters if that makes any difference. Thanks to anyone with some helpful advice.
  3. I tip my hat to you kind sir, thank you.
  4. Looking foe the name of this font and its creator if possible. Its cut off at the bottom so its har for me to get it identified. appreciate the help. Thanks.
  5. Katsuage


    Sorry about that. I wrote this in a rush and didnt really give a look at the search. Thanks for the link though. Everyone else, thank you. Keep em coming if you have anything. and im not really looking for how-to books, just something to pick my brain and make me a more knowledgeable designer, but if you have how-to`s that you live by please post them up! Thanks everyone.
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    Hello all. What would you say are some must have books for desingers? Im seriously lacking in the book department and want to pick some books up to read. I`m specifically looking for books on design and typography, but feel free to post up what you think is a must have. Also if read any magazines let me know. Thanks.
  7. Katsuage

    What am i?

    Hello all. I have been thinking about this question for a LONG time now and can never come up with a clear answer. Everyone one always ask me "So, what do you do?" Now this question is a bit difficult for me because of the various amount of art work i do. I'll list them, illustration, graphic design, motion graphics, video editing, photography, design and direction. Now this is a long winded answer that seems a bit pretentious when answering someone's question. So i ask you guys, is there a title for people like me/us? Anyone else in the same boat?
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