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  1. Howdy folks, I moved to the Philadelphia area from LA several months ago, looking to meet fellow mograph people, hear some war stories and find a gig. Maybe even start a Meetup. Anyone out there?
  2. Thanks @AromaKat. What about showing mograph pieces on your reel that were unused? In other words the client didn't like them or the design went in a different direction? Those should be fair use, correct?
  3. Just started a thread on this very topic, good info here. I too was wondering if reworking something (changing colors, changing camera moves, removing any branding) would be okay to keep on your reel.
  4. @vozzz Thanks for the response. What about showing unused comps or reworking an animation (removing any branding, etc.) to make something new? Just bummed that I can't show work that I've created.
  5. Ever run into a design shop who forbids using work created for them on your demo reel? Curious as to how many shops enforce this tactic.
  6. http://mgfest.com/#sanfran Anyone attending this? I signed up, but the schedule changed from 2 days to 3, and I never got an email alerting me. There is no venue for the event either and it's 4 weeks away. I'm trying to make travel/hotel plans and I'm getting the feeling the organizers aren't on top of things. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience.
  7. Sounds good. Are there any places you had in mind? The Beechwood last summer was good.
  8. It would be nice if there were more meetups. We had one last summer that Harry Frank, aka graymachine, organized. He's mentioned wanting to do another one. Where are you located? I'm on the westside, I'm usually game for a beer after work and some mograph discussion.
  9. I think some of us (myself included) tend to put these "real deal" shops on a pedestal. Yes, they do amazing work, but they are like any other business--there are great people who work there and not so great people who work there as well. It's like when you were a kid and you thought your parents were superheroes, they could do anything. As you get older and wiser, you realize they're just people. That being said, some of these "real deal" shops need to be gently and diplomatically reminded that you shouldn't have to pay the price for their mismanagement of a situation. Give 'em hell, Harry.
  10. I am a mographer with over 6 years experience, mostly in the field of DVD menu design. Looking to segue into broadcast. On a recent screening interview I had for a position at a network on-air promo department, I was told by the HR person that they were really looking for someone with broadcast experience. I tried to explain how much of the skill set is the same, whether creating mograph for DVD or for broadcast. Sure, there are some differences. But nothing that couldn't be picked up, right? My reel (www.victordeanda.com) has some of my DVD work, but also other elements I re-worked to look more like broadcast. This may be a dumb question, but should I take out all references of DVD work from my reel if it's broadcast that I'm pursuing? I keep plugging away, and I realize my reel is far from perfect, just wondering how I can better prove my worth to an employer in the broadcast design industry. Comments?
  11. vdeanda

    Summer 2009 Reel

    Sorry about the download time. My host is FatCow. Can anyone recommend a faster host? Anyone else having to wait long for the download?
  12. Hey all, Looking for feedback on my latest reel: http://www.victordeanda.com/ Comments and crit are welcomed. Thanks, Victor De Anda
  13. Likewise! Great meeting all of the fellow motioneers who showed up last night. Some funny stories. Maybe the next meeting should be at a quieter place, like IHOP? ; )
  14. Hey guys, I'm new here, headed to the Beechwood tonight. Always nice to meet fellow mographers. How will I know you guys? Is there a secret handshake?
  15. Hey Mooko, Thanks for taking the time to check out my reel and for your comments. I do agree with you re: taking it to the next level. So I'm working as much as possible in C4D and bringing up those skills. I had a question: what pieces did you think were more worthy of kicking off the reel? I've had other comments about the opening Dirty Sexy Money title as not being the strongest. Best, Victor
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