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    im 22 just graduated from vfx and motion graphics and i am keen as to get into industry!!!!<br /> <br /> Will be helping out on a short film this month which is rad as <br /> <br /> Really want to get into feature film though, awesomeness!! haha<br /> <br /> so check out my reel tell me what you think<br /> <br /> [url="http://vimeo.com/user1062811/videos"][font="Times New Roman"][size=3]http://vimeo.com/user1062811/videos[/size][/font][/url]<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> ta much <br /> SJ
  1. sjlloyd

    TV Show

    Hi All I was wondering if anyone out there can give me some advice on how to write/put together a pitch for a tv show i want to get backed for and funding. Im a first timer at this so am a bit clueless as to what and how i should approach this. Im living in New Zealand so i guess our production guidelines etc are a bit different to other parts of the world, but some general help on how to put it all together would be really helpful. Thanks a bunch
  2. sjlloyd

    Help If you Can

    haha thanks dude haha yes i have been known to write a crap load about nothing hehe. My gosh why do people even bother sending spam like that GRRRRRR
  3. wow, your work is gorgeous well done
  4. sjlloyd

    Help If you Can

    hehe dont feel paranoid, yeah i think it's just my way of speaking and it comes out a bit hard to read in text is all Yes i dont think some of us kiwi's are great at expressing themselves in writing hehehe
  5. sjlloyd

    Help If you Can

    oh ok cool, sorry about that, i didnt mean to give you or add to your headache
  6. sjlloyd

    Help If you Can

    I do like the swimming duck analogy though, because thats how i feel. Thank you for you feedback
  7. sjlloyd

    Help If you Can

    Ok thanks, i would just like to say that i do not talk via email/ online to clients like that. I email in a very formal way and i will only speak less formaly to clients if they do so first to me. I dont want to be giving anyone a headache, i was in a mad rush to get some feedback, and i tend to type what i am thinking, so i appologise if it came accross as being hard to read. Thank you for your feedback though, and ill try not to talk in such a rush next time.
  8. wow, your work is awesome man, inspiration ay cool
  9. sjlloyd

    Rainbows in Motion

    hey a fellow aucklander i like your graphics and animation in the second part, they are really colourful. I found the beginning a bit slow but otherwise i liked it, very abstract dude
  10. sjlloyd

    Help If you Can

    Wow thanks everyone, your feedback and advice makes me feel alot better Its so hard to not be nerveous though hahaha, ill just be confident when i go to meet them and then have a mild heart attack after LOL Thanks Again All, as always the brilliance of everyone has made things clearer
  11. sjlloyd

    Help If you Can

    Cool thanks for that, yeah i guess im just freaking out a bit because im a fresh graduate with pretty muchly Noo expereince and im just freaking that i may think i can handle it and then get in there and cant LOL if you know what i mean, i guess ill just grab the bull by the horns haha and go with it and if it turns out they need someone a bit more expereinced thats ok lol thanks for the advice though it helps alot
  12. hey hey, im a total newbie so i dont hold my opinion as being great but i agree with the type thing it looks lind of skewed is all. Also i couldnt click the visual effects link, i dont think its working however could be the crappy internet we new zealanders get hha umm and your demoreel link i click but nothing comes up but again could be my internet but just thought id say something so you can check it out
  13. its valerie Tai, hello hello miss tai, im still loving your way with words my dear I do like your style miss Tai
  14. sjlloyd

    Help If you Can

    Hi All Im new to the industry and have had a reply from a company i emailed re volunteer work. They have asked me to help with directors in doing their treatments in photoshop.. my problem is im not exactly sure what the director would be expecting of me when he/she is writing a treatment.... Im really nerveous that im going to go in to meet them and not have the slightest clue what im doing Does anyone have any expereince with doing visual treatments i guess is what it would be, or any advice as to what i should do haha ahhh im so nerveous right now haha would appreciate anything from anyone Thanks a heap from ME
  15. sjlloyd

    NOPER reel

    wow, you have a really cool reel mate, your design is really nice
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