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  1. I think i'm gonna make a vidéo tutorial about that.. i 'll let you know about next week. it's very simple
  2. this gif's made with Scanner from Kronenberg ?
  3. thank you three times
  4. Merci voisin du nord
  5. Hi all and thank for the compliments. Yes some works are a part t of an exposure of paintings in preparation. The main theme is a tribute to BLADE RUNNER. You could see some of those paintings here http://gallery.mac.com/kurtz4#100033&b...&view=grid; best
  6. no realflow in the demo ... just some special home coock ... in fact , 2d photoshop layer, put in c4d , then animated with deformer
  7. Thanks a lot for those compliments. yes we 're a two-person compagny, but my friend, work only on the 2D/print projects... i make all the 3d/SFX/animation stuff
  8. Hi all .. i would to introduce to you my new demo reel ... Made with C4D, after FX and Final cut Pro. Here : http://vimeo.com/3089715 Or Here : http://www.gkaster.com/ Best and long life to Mograph
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