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    cheers Chinasky, will give that a go, colours are all working, will get back to ya when I'm getting there, cheers! Joos
  2. joos


    Gday mate, first of all great clouds, damn nice reproduction, just a couple of questions, relatively new to pyrocluster however I've bashed my way through and managed to come up with a fairly good explosion. But my question is for clouds, the matter waves way seems perfect for creating a sky but I need to know how to stop the seed so my clouds can be still? I'm animating somthing falling through them rather than evolving so I'm not interested in movement from the clouds point of view, any idea how to do this? also I can't seem to get the lights to colorize my clouds, all the box's are ticked ( I think). The light seems to be affecting the cloud, but no joy for colorization. Man if you could help me here that would be awesome!?? Cheers Joos
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