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  1. Thanks a lot for your feedback! It actually helped me realize some details that I didn't notice or consider before. Now, looking back at it with a couple of weeks of perspective I see what you mean about the re-editing, Blinky. It's true now most of the shots seem to have a very similar weigh in the whole composition. I'll try to have in mind your advice for future improvements. Thanks again! Ernex Motion Graphics Designer / Art Director www.ernex.es
  2. Hi guys! I just finished an animated teaser and wanted to share it with you, to see what your reactions and thoughts are. This is a personal animation project, tribute to the graphic novel Luna Park. I fell in love with the comic when I read it the first time, specially of the particular drawing style of Danijel Zezelj. The idea was to create a sort of teaser or trailer of the novel, using a selection of its own frames. It was a long process, editing every shot in Photoshop, cutting out every element and painting the empty spaces left behind, trying to keep a style consistent with the original work. Then it was a matter of joining all the elements inside After Effects, re-building every composition and bringing them to life, animating elements, using cameras to play with the parallax and adding some atmosphere with subtle light and particles effects. And this is the final result: LUNA PARK [Teaser] I'd love to know what do you guys think about it, what would you have done different, what could be improved... Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks a lot! Ernex Motion Graphics Designer / Art Director www.ernex.es
  3. Ernex

    Music Video

    Ok, ok... I know the song is in spanish and sounds like coming out from someone´s worst nightmare during the 80´s, but I´m asking you guys to be strong, maybe turn down the volume and play your favourite hit instead, and drop a couple of lines here with your opinion about the motion graphics. I know is nothing amazing or life-changing, but I´d really like to know how people apart from my friends here see the final result... Thanks in advance! (And sorry for the ear bleeding... ) Ernex www.ernex.es
  4. Ernex

    Music Video

    Hi guys! I´ve been working on the motion graphics of this music video that has just been released. Aside from the awful song (one of the most horrifying I´ve ever heard, to be honest...) I´d like to know your sincere and raw opinion about the motion work. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks! http://www.behance.n...-Verdad/1177107 Ernex www.ernex.es
  5. Ernex

    Opening Titles

    Thanks to all of you guys for the replies and advices. I agree with most of what you pointed here. You confirmed some of the details I knew and showed me some others I didn´t realize before or never thought too much about them. Is cool to know other points of view aside from my own, to realize how your work is really seen. As you guessed, most of the concept and technical mistakes are fue to the usual rush and the tight deadline, but in this particular case, also due to the super-slow After Effects performance. I made the (huge, I know) mistake of basing the whole proyect on a 8000px composition (the table texture, with all the elements on it). Add a few light with optical flares in real time, smoke particles for the ashtray, plus lens blur effect for the camera and magic bullet... and you find yourself in a big trouble... What do you do in cases like this to enhance AE performance? Apart from avoiding 8000px compos, obviously...
  6. Ernex

    Opening Titles

    Hi everyone! I´m leaving here a link to one of my last works: the opening titles for a good friend´s shortfilm. A whole sequence generated in After Effects with some previous work in Photoshop, and a touch of Particles, Optical Flares and Magic Bullet Looks. I´d like to know what do you think about it. Feel free to show some love or hate. Any feedback is appreciated! THE GARRET - Opening Titles
  7. Ernex

    Ernex Reel´08

    Hi everybody! I´d like you guys have a look at my last reel (2008) and share your thoughts about it. I´m thinking about making a new one and I´d really appreciate your feedback to keep improving... No mercy... http://www.ernex.es/VIDEOS/ERNEX-BOBINA2008HD.mov Thanx a lot!! PS: I promise next one will be shorter... _Ernex _ernex.es · _la excusa · _dufuga
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