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  1. http://store.steampowered.com/app/221200/http://store.steampowered.com/app/221200/ Pretty interesting...software that pulls mocap data using Kinect cameras, motion controllers, etc.
  2. Just adding this in case anyone has a similar question later on and is reading through the forums looking for a solution - the helpful folks over at C4D Cafe pointed out a way to do what I was asking about via a series of cloners, tracers, and matrix objects. http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/topic/74303-animating-a-series-of-connected-parts-around-a-spline/
  3. Hi all. I'm working on an animating a machine using a client-provided CAD model. Basically, it's a series of shelves connected to each other by a series of struts or bars. See below video for what I mean. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/15084863/machine.mov The whole thing needs to move along a spline, and I'd love it if I could set it up to be all controlled by one or two controls so that I don't have to hand animate tons of stuff. I've got the shelves moving easily enough along the spline via a cloner. Each shelf is connected to two of the struts, which are in turn connected to the strut next to them. The struts (they make the v-shapes in the video) have wheels on them, which connect to a chain which drives the whole mechanism. So I've got the struts moving along a spline, and I can cheat a bunch of the shots with what's seen in the video there, but I'm racking my brain and googling like crazy trying to figure out a way to get the struts to (1) have the wheels move along the spline where they attach to the drive chain - they have to stay locked along it, as they are physcially bolted to the track defined by the spline, while also (2) connecting to each other and flexing closer together and farter apart as they move around the spline (mostly just at the top and bottom). Any thoughts on how to pull this off? Thanks!
  4. I've used http://voice123.com/ once. Liked it, would use again.
  5. Here's a pretty thorough breakdown of the whole thing. http://www.fxguide.com/featured/dd_what_does_it_mean/ I've seen a ton of schadenfreude on the net over this whole thing, which I don't really get. No matter how you feel about the Digital Domain Institute, or the folks running the show, at the end of the day, there are a ton of artists who are now out of work, many with little to no warning. :-(
  6. For your website...if you don't really want to spend a ton of time on it, and you don't really love building websites - I'd consider just picking up a premium wordpress theme. There's some really nice looking ones out there - and then you don't have to worry about screen resolution issues, mobile compatability, ease of adding new content, etc. Also: I would turn off the autoplay on the video.
  7. Looks a bit wibbly-wobbly to me.
  8. Ever since Apple released that quicktime update a couple of years ago that broke AE's ability to render quicktimes, I've been reaaaally wary of upgrading anything essential until it's had time to be thoroughly vetted by the community.
  9. stutts


    For anyone wondering how well it will work with their system, there's a PDF of supported graphics cards on the VCP site, arranged in categories, to give you an idea of the performance you'll be looking at. https://www.videocopilot.net/assets/public/misc/GPUs.pdf
  10. Yeah, I didn't mean using valve-owned assets in commercial work. Obviously there are insurmountable legal hurdles there. Was thinking that: 1 - seems like this could be a great, accessible tool for doing previs work and refining ideas on indie and low-budget stuff. 2 - it will be interesting to see where this goes when it comes to commercial work. I.e. could this go in a google sketch up direction when it comes to community-built models and rigs, etc. Probably unlikely, but it's way too early to tell. I just think the possibilities are very interesting in using community-built assets along with a real time rendering and animation system. Right now it's just intriguing - we'll see if it moves beyond that. I think that the fact they're callin it the Source Filmmaker makes me think they may have bigger plans here than just fan-made Machinima videos, but hey, time will tell. On a side note: the pyromania update to TF2 is genius. Playable levels in the pyro wonderland when you equip certain items? :-D Yet another reason Valve is awesome.
  11. I think the idea of having video game and community created assets as kind of a huge digital backlot and prop warehouse might have some real legs to it. Feels like a tool that could be incredibly useful for previs. Will be interesting to see what the first couple of big projects are that come out of this as people begin to see how far they can push it.
  12. Looks pretty interesting.
  13. Crazy. It's like real-life reference footage for some of the more abstract/organic looking animations that you see sometimes.
  14. I think I kind of prefer the music video version more. It just seems a little more fragmented and insane. Fits with the song a bit more I think. I mean, flawless work by Blur either way, I just like this one more.
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