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  1. Hello, Here's the revised reel and site. Still a work in progress, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! www.flavr.tv -Tom
  2. Really nice. I really like what you did with the core scene and in general a really fun piece to watch. If I were to suggest some things, I would add more depth of field to your particles when they are breaking apart through their scenes. Also, i would figure out a way to break up the scene where the character is in the bubble and flies through the sky. I like how the elements come into the scene on beat, but the shot really sits there. In general great job. Also, the song fucking rocks. Nice choice.
  3. FL@Vr

    Habib's new work

    Really nice work. Love the piece with the storm cloud gladiators.
  4. FL@Vr

    NOPER reel

    Hey, Nice work. You definitely have a style and it works. In terms critique, there are a few things that I would do. I know the song has a real mellow pace, but i don't think that your cuts need to, so I would suggest not staying on shots as long. Also, you have some pretty sick design work, but the camera work could use some work. I'm not saying anything huge, but just some little tweaks here and they to make the shots more dynamic, such as pushing in or out. Also, that shot with the naked woman and the peta-creature should have less wiggle on it. It's pretty jerky for a steady cam, and I think that's what your going for. Another thing to consider would be the order of your shots. I think you should have some of your better work (ie: the robot on the moon) more so towards the front. As for my last thing, get the reel off of youtube. Maybe it's just me, but this is packaging for your work, and I'm not saying that a website defines a motion artist, but I think it certainly helps the presentation and the quality. At least put it up on Vimeo, right? Anywho, hope this helps. Good luck.
  5. Please more feedback!! I know it's kind of a hassle, but every time you give a reply, an angel gets it's wings. Plus, feedback for candy!
  6. Hey Dan, Thanks for the feed back. I'll take what you said into considerations. Thanks!
  7. Hey, I really need some feedback on my work and site. All my friends and family are too nice, and I would really appreciate some critisism and thoughts about my work and how it's displayed from some people spend as much time as I do working on design and motion. Thanks in advance! www.flavr.tv
  8. FL@Vr

    FL@Vr Reel 09!

    Hey, I got my new site and reel up and looking for some feedback. I have some pretty thick skin, so please feel free to be brutally honest. Thanks and hope you enjoy!~
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