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  1. Hi I have a problem with motion blur and the vector rasterize function. Lets say i have a 3D comp which i need to flip on the x axis. The comp contains 2 3D layers with a back and a front side. I position the back layer a few pixels in the z axis. In my main comp i want to flip my composition 180 degrees. Thats not a problem and works fine, but the only way i can get it to work if i turn on the rasterize function, but then i won't be able to put on motion blur. If i turn off the rasterize function i keep seeing my front layer. I hope you guys understand what i am trying to tell you. Is there any ways to fix this?
  2. Hi I really like the C4D curve editor. It is so nice to work with, but everytime i have to use the AE curve editor it takes an awefull lot of time. Is there no way to make the AE curve editor look like the C4D editor?
  3. Sure, no problem. It's a showreel for all the websites we've done in 2011
  4. Hi there I am currently making a web-showreel for my firm which i am doing in After Effects because i don't have any experience with Final Cut or Adobe Premiere. I would like to know how you guys would make a 1:30 min showreel, i mean the process. I have done a lot of screen capturing and have imported it into After Effects and done all the editing in there. Would it have been easier for me to do it in e.g. Final Cut or Premiere? Why is it so much faster? How well does Final Cut Pro and After Effects work together? Please share your process
  5. I tried to turn up the friction for the surface, but that didnt help either. The way the coins drop is how i want it, the problem is that they keep moving or spinning when they land. I uploaded the file to mediafire. http://www.mediafire.com/?ymqtutnt1fom1yz
  6. Hi there I am trying to do a coin sim. Just a simple one where i drop some coins. The problem is that either they slide to much or they spin to much. If i turn friction up they spin to much, but they dont slide, and if i turn friction down they slide to much. Any ideas how to solve this? I have tried everyting, mass, density and so on. Here is the file if anyone wants to take a look: http://www.filefacto...n/c4d_coins.c4d
  7. Thanks alot dom! .. I will definitely try your solution. It sounds like a good way to do it!
  8. Sorry, you can wath the actual animation here - http://www.behance.net/gallery/TV2-Underholdning-Ayedrops/444715 What a ridiculous answer! Please tell me were in my topic i ask people to do it for me for free!?!? I asked, if anyone had any ideas how to build it! If thats the only thing you can contribute with, please don't! I have posted a link to the scene file i have been working on. Its fare from the effect i want. http://www.solvstrom.com/diverse/road_test.zip
  9. Hi I am trying to build up a road like the image in the attachment, but i cant get it to work. My first thought was to use the clonerojbect, and the splineeffector, but dosent look to good. Does anyone have any ideas how to do it?
  10. The content of the tutorials a great, basic and good training. The presentation of the tutorials is however not very well. I just watched the first tutorial "Tutorial 01 - The Basics" and yes, it is basic stuff, but people who are quite new to Cinema 4D and After Effects will get lost pretty fast. Most of your tutorials is you speaking in front of a camera. Why is that? .. No offence to how you look but i dont think people visit your site to see you speaking in front of a camera. The process is very confusing and you have to know about the stuff your speaking of. People need to see what you do step by step. I would recommend that you do like everybody else, go through the "whole" project step by step and explain why you do this and that. I really think you stuff is great, but i don't think people will watch you tutorials if you keep making them the way you do. Best regards, Morten
  11. Hi there I have this sphere. Looks like this. http://www.solvstrom...erse/sphere.jpg The material is just a gradient with different colours. My question is, how do i animate the colours in the gradient so their moving inside the sphere. Going for instance up or down. I hope you know what i mean.
  12. Yeah, i tried that, but its not working out well. Its flipping my rocket everytime it hits 90 degress. I made a circle spline. I tried with and simple object like a cone, and it does the same thing
  13. Thanks alot! .. That works great. I ran into another problem. The rocket is now following the spline, but not following the spline in a smooth way. Right now the rocket stays in the same position through the whole animation. How do i make et follow the spline and in the same way turn the nose op when it goes up an so on. Hope you understand what i mean.
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