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  1. Thanks a lot. I guess it is all a matter of preference. I'm going to give the small guy a try, and hope I can acclimate to its size. Lots of great feedback as usual.
  2. I am working on a 15" Macbook Pro, as opposed to the 24" I was on at school. I guess if I'm not doing large paintings, the small size will suffice. I mean, the tablet's area is mapped to the screen, so it should work fine right? Thanks
  3. dconstantine


    Hi guys, I'm in the market for getting a tablet, and I am pretty certain I am going to get the Wacom Intuos4. Back in college I was using the Medium sized tablet, and it was quite comfortable. I'm on a budget and as of now I have the small one in my scope, though I know it is a good deal smaller than the medium. It's purpose for me is an ergonomic mouse alternative. (point,click,drag,pen tool, and other basic mouse functions) I do a great deal of photoshop touching-up, but not a lot of sketching. Basically, do any of you designers out there have the small size and are able to make good use of it despite its lower cubic inch space? Thanks. -the nightowl
  4. First of all thank you both for your detailed responses. Most of my projects were school projects, so instead of having my student reel full of the same work as my other classmates (which essentially isn't too bad) and also being class projects, I felt like I needed to fill a minute and I fell into the dreaded spec ad mindset. As for the edit, I totally see what you are saying, the Forza thing is the only real shot with any true delight I feel. From what you said Dan, I feel that completing some exercises in type, color, editing, and other weak points should be focused on and then put into new meaningful projects. I truly feel unsatisfied showing my grad reel loaded with these specs due to the fact that that's just in fact what they are. Here is a question I'd like to propose: I just graduated no more than a week ago, and I have no money. Would you recommend getting a retail job and polishing/making new work for my reel, or starting my job search with this reel while working on more things.. Or both I guess. I have worked a lot of retail and I just don't want to get sucked in and lose what I spent the last 3 years working towards. Anyway, I appreciate the feed back, and am going to work on/change my work for a good looking reel.
  5. Yes! Not only is your work amazing, inspirational and original, but I met you when you spoke at my school and and you are a truly inspiring artist. The new reel is superb too. Are you still at Roger? -dcnightowl.com-
  6. Hi; I just graduated and I was curious to see what kind of constructive criticism I could get from you. It is much appreciated thanks! Also, the site is still under construction, but my reel should play fine on it. http://www.dcnightowl.com/
  7. May I suggest not using your name in almost every piece? It makes the pieces look more like exercises as opposed to a solid work you know? For that shot with the girl on the bus, I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at, but at least mask out the bottom section of her to give it a sense that she is on the "bus?", and soften or hide the edges to not be so sharp. Other than that you have a few cool shots and I think if you were to cut what you learned into another edit, you could have some pretty solid stuff. -Dom dcnightowl.com
  8. I think the piece accomplishes what you set out for overall, however I would suggest some ease on some keyframes of the flying machines. Also the first shot has a girl with green behind her, while all the other people have white backgrounds. I just feel though short, it throws off the continuity.
  9. Hi. I use videopong.net for vj clips. I guarantee you'll find everything you want there. The only thing is that you gotta upload to download, but it's totally reasonable.
  10. Pretty intense commercial. Was that Dr. Phil at :46? I would include an area code in the number at the end, and maybe work on the colors a bit, I find the contrast of the logo with the bg a bit hard to separate. I'm pretty sure it's the glow. Otherwise, pretty solid piece, looks great with the red cam. Hope this helps.
  11. I don't know how I overlooked it, but there is a clone tool in AE! Im getting really good results tracking a png, but I'm going to see how the cloner compares
  12. That definitely helps. Right after I posted that, I duplicated the layer and rotomasked the entire clip, and got decent results. The mask is a bit jumpy, so I am going to track it like you suggested. Thank you so much for that really detailed response as well! And it was filmed on an HVX on a tripod.
  13. Hi guys, I always appreciate the feedback that I get from all the friendly folks here, so I hope this question results in an answer or idea that would help my music video to completion. Basically, there's a scene in our video where spears enter the head of a pig. It's all film and a real spear is entering a real pig's head. For the shot we pre-cut holes into the pig's face in order to allow the spears to "slide" into place accurately. What we were left with was some awesome clips, but you can clearly see that the spears entered a predetermined hole. Now, my question is this; if this were a still image in photoshop, I could obviously use the cloner, healing, or patch tool. Since I am working with footage in AE, I am aware that there are no tools like this. My first thought was to mask a solid the color of the pig's skin, and keyframe the mask's path and position, but the color of the skin fluctuates to some degree throughout the shot, thus leading me to the forums for help. If you made it through that novel and have an idea, please let me know. Cheers Dom
  14. This is a super late thank you, but thanks for the replies. They helped
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