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  1. http://ianhaigh.com/easeandwizz/ or http://www.motion-graphics-exchange.com/after-effects/Intertial-Bounce/4b859d9cb5c69
  2. No, but a lot of great motion designers are also great animators. And it goes the otherway around, please give me a good example of fantastic animation with really poor design?
  3. No not necessarily, I know loads of highend stuff where the directors also had the role of designer and lead animator. And I´m talking big budget international carcommercials here.
  4. Hi I have the same issue, disabling mp does not help, also tried to give more or less ram reserved for the system. And I don´t belive plugins are the issue, I´ve had this problem while rendering a single layer keyed comp, using keylight. My guess is some memory problem, it sucks but I give up for now and use cs4 until this is fixed. I´m on a 2008 octa mac with 16Gb (800Mhz DDR-2) ram btw.
  5. http://www.videocopilot.net/products/opticalflares/ I like the price tag too : 125 bucks Oops already posted in the MoGraph Central, feel free to remove
  6. A massive amount of 2.5d type -> Stranger Than Fiction
  7. I saw cactus dan had some new stuff added to the CD constraint plugin: CD Space Switch Constraint http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=47&t=757820
  8. I was thinking about this a few days ago, really slick ones, thanks!!
  9. Hey that´s really nice, we actually moved one of our mac pros to a studio the few times we done it. This would be a LOT easier to handle
  10. Agree, keys great, done the same but with a macpro+decklink+ProRes codec setup
  11. I have not used it but digital trove have something similar too: http://www.digitaltrove.com/prime/effects/edgewarp.html
  12. Some might have missed this great scene from "The Brood": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HqVlITTEDk The funny part is: 01:07 - 04:20 -You see weakness is more acceptable in a girl Michelle, oh... I´m sorry, I mean Mike. I keep forgetting.. :D
  13. Love it when the music starts to kick in
  14. Thanks for the idea, added on my todo list, I´ll put those next to my incdup. (http://www.eggtion.net/index.php?id=1020&l=en) button.
  15. If you are in automode it should show in the timeline straight away. Otherwise open a mat. manager window and pull the material to the timeline sidebar. That´s how it works in my r11 (mac) anyways.
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