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  1. Is this what you were remembering? http://www.knife-party.net/movs/barry/barry_quicktime.htm
  2. quinniusmaximus

    a gem

    anyone know who these cats are? anyone applied or had any discussions with them? Gotta say... I'm skeptical but a little curious.
  3. I underscore for purely athletic reasons.
  4. quinniusmaximus

    a gem

    I quite agree with your logic. However, a few weeks ago I spoke with a friend about a similar situation and he said if the gig is long enough he would prefer to bring his own machine. That way all is set up just the way he likes and doesn't have to spend a week just to get all the little bits and bobs on to be just how he likes them. So... If you can build in the cost- I think it may be a viable option. Additionally, wouldn't working in such a way give you greater access to keeping the work. That is to say... if the client becomes a pain in the payment system.. you pick up your box with all the work and leave. They get the work when your paid. Just some random end of the day thoughts.
  5. some habits are hard to break.... I unconsciously underscore. and as everyone else has said.. it's much more resilient/ bullet proof- and having working on linux (and irix) boxes for years, you just get in the habit.
  6. and here are some from my bookmarks: http://methanestudios.com/category/prints http://www.nateduval.com/store/art%20prints http://www.aestheticapparatus.com/products.php?subsection=posters&fs_page=1 http://andrioabero.com/index.php?focus=posters
  7. if you do a lot of editing and compositing. If you have to work at uncompressed resolutions and have the tape out by fedEx. smoke/flame and the like are well suited for that. My running line has always been that AE is infinitely more flexible but if you need the speed and need to edit smoke might be what you need. Smoke/flame have no "real" 3D creation tools per se, though I've seen some absurdly creative uses of 3D text to get the job done. Previously, I had been on smoke for 10+yrs, but haven't been on it a lot lately. Things and machines change.
  8. How did I NOT know about this.... !!!!!!! Thanks for posting the pix Dave. Cheers, -quinn
  9. why not just do it in 3D? I wonder if the render time would be comparable, better or worse?
  10. I would love to find some kind of review and approval package that wasn't hosted remotely. Something as simple to install as wordpress, bur for review, approval, upload and download. Anyone ever heard of such a thing?
  11. I'd be up to meet with some folks on Tuesday... Especially if you meet anywhere here in the city. I always have a hard time making it across that bridge to VA.
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