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  1. Maltaannon ( maltaannon.com/ ) just gave us some great new prizes! First prize winner gets a copy of "Making it look Great 5" Second prize winner get all of his custom effects for After Effects. Thank him by visiting his website, watching his tutorials and purchasing what you dont win. - Evan
  2. Okay, your questions are answered on the groups page. - Evan
  3. Topher (http://www.VisualFXtuts.com) and myself (http://www.ParticleFlow.net) are running an interesting contest at his and my website. The prizes are tentative at the moment, but with the long deadline we will be able to round up some great stuff for your efforts. Challenge: Who can make the most realistic fire using ONLY Adobe After Effects. Deadline: Friday June 22nd, 2009 Prizes may include, but are not limited too, and after further inquiry may not even include these: Free Kindle Stock PyroTechnics packages - http://www.VisualEffects.co.cc Free Alan Mckay training material - http://www.AllanMckay.com Free copy of Trapcode Particular - http://www.ToolFarm.com Free Art Beats stock footage collection - http://www.artbeats.com Free FumeFX training material from Particle Flow and perhaps some others - http://www.ParticleFlow.net And most of all - bragging rights that you are the best AE pyrotechnician!! To submit entries you must have a Vimeo account, and be a member of the group that is mentioned below. If you have any question feel free to ask me via email, or ask Topher. Submission MUST be entered here: http://www.vimeo.com/groups/17413 Happy pyrotechnics.
  4. Okay, the site is up and running now.
  5. Sorry guys about the dead link last time. Something heppened with my forwarding IP and messed it up. It is down still but they are on it and the change should be though within the next 24 hours. The site is great though and I am hoping it will only get better. Like I said the link will be working today. www.ParticleFlow.net -- or in the meantime - www.particleflowtraining.blogspot.com - Evan
  6. In this tutorial we will review two Fusion plugins. One from Speedsix and the other from The Foundry. We will look at basic and advanced compositing techniques using BSplines, color matching and perspective matching. Using the amazing plugin, Tinderbox, we will replace the sky in our footage and composite it to look realistic. The example is unlike the result yielded from the tutorial, as the example is stylized while the result from the tutorial is photo realistic. www.VisualEffects.co.cc or www.3nails.co.cc
  7. Made some adjustments. Let me know what you think. - Evan
  8. Yeah, I have been thinking about that already for a few weeks. That is part of the reason for this post. My main reason is I am not really a designer, I do fluid effects and compositing. So for me to design something that is appealing is a little difficult. If I had money I would take a design class. Thanks for your input. - Evan
  9. Yeah, thanks buddy. Your post is so warm and pleasant, I think maybe adding a few more nice things to say would really spruce it up. (Thought I would be a little sarcastic too, after all, that is the way to really help people fix their stuff these days). - Evan
  10. That is the reel I am using until I have time too get a new one ready. I understand about the brand issue, what would you suggest? I wanted to avoid an entire change as it can throw people off, but I it could be good I guess too. Thanks for the input, I wasnt trying to avoid harsh feedback by asking for it, I actually posted it here because this is the place that I was told to post stuff if I wanted it ripped apart. So that is why I came. - Evan
  11. Harsh critiques are the reason I posted this. http://3nailsgraphicdesign.blogspot.com/20...ls-graphic.html Thanks. - Evan
  12. There many updates, uncluding some full length PFlow training videos. Thanks for the site critique, what do you guys think now? - Evan
  13. I have been planning to do this tutorial for awhile, and finally got around to it. It uses PFlow to turn some text into dust and make it fly away. This technique is completely procedural so it can be easily changed and reanimated. www.3nails.co.cc
  14. Tutorials for: After Effects, 3DS Max, FumeFX, Photoshop, SOON: RF4, Fusion, Nuke www.3nails.co.cc - Evan
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