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  1. Had an email today saying mine would be arriving this week. I'd written it off, but it's obviously taking ages to get them all out.
  2. Thanks for the comments. Superegophobia - I think the Instancer ID mode lets you assign different nodes to particular objects within the Waiter. Currently to have lots of objects you do need to duplicate them and add them to the waiter. Unfortunately creating a fully working cloner would take a very long time and Ian's just developing this in down time at work and his free time. Definitely something he'll be looking into though.
  3. Hello, Ian Waters here at Mainframe in Manchester (www.mainframe.co.uk) has been developing this fun set of Maya tools for Motion Graphics stuff. Similar to Mograph in C4D. Free to download here... http://marquee.by/mash/ Recently featured on Lester Banks blog http://lesterbanks.c...tion-designers/ Cheers, Ben
  4. We've been building up a mel script in Maya that basically imitates some of the basic functions of Mograph in C4D, e.g Cloner, Array, Random Effector etc, etc. I learnt using Cinema but now pretty much only use Maya due to where I work, and there's definitely a big Mograph shaped hole in it. Just wondering whether anyone on here knew of any existing plugins for Maya that do some of these things already, before we get too into it?
  5. I bought this... http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gfx-hotkeys/id383285214?mt=8 and it is good, but a lot of the time google seems easier and quicker.
  6. Found it. Thanks for that! It was in issue 5 so didn't have to search for long. It's called "Overtime" by Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland, Damien Ferrie http://vids.myspace....ideoID=13057112 Really nice character animation, if anyones interested.
  7. I'm looking for this short animation (about 5/10min) I saw a couple of years ago but it's a little older than that. It's basically about all these frog puppets whose puppet master dies. They decide to bring their puppet master back from the dead by turning him into a puppet. It's in black and white and it's cg. I think it was done by some French students, it was quite big, won a few awards etc. Can't get past search results containing kermit when i try googling. Thanks,
  8. Hi guys, Having a problem with Sketch and Toon. Basically I have a scene with some wireframe objects which are rendered with Sketch and Toon and some that aren't. Most of it works fine. However, I have some graphics in the scene which are applied to Planes with an Alpha channel. When I render the scene out the Sketch and Toon elements don't recognise the Alpha channel and are hidden by the entire Plane. I've been trying to figure it out for ages and wondered if anyone here could help me? I have a link to the file I uploaded to creative cow... Scene File Thanks for your time, Ben
  9. http://www.sebastianonufszak.com/
  10. I was literally writing the same thing. When someone self proclaims their brilliance it makes me want to dislike their work before I've even seen it.
  11. Comes up as private video?
  12. nice graphics. i love the logo animation.
  13. Ive been looking into it and there's a freeze node? thing which can be used with thinking particles. I think if I use a thinking particles emitter with pyrocluster i can freeze them using xpresso. Ill have a go anyway. Cheers for the reply.
  14. Hi guys. Im trying to make a cloud in C4D using pyrocluster but I'm having trouble working out how to freeze the particles so the cloud stops growing. Anyone know how to do this or know any good tutorials? Cheers
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