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    I studied painting and sculpture while I supported myself doing web design. Later I fell in love with After Effects and animation. Currently working part-time for a public access TV station. Interested in doing more cell animation and 3D work.
  1. I really like it. Great 3D work. I think he means taking out that part after the FarCry2 DVD with the two beveled squares. Not sure what it's for and a bit slow/boring compared to the rest.
  2. ikep2008


    Nice style. I like how it ends abrupt with the sound effect. The contrast throws you a out of the hypnosis of the rest of it. Very cool.
  3. Tried the reel but the vimeo link was broken for me. The serif html text at the bottom with the link to your reel seems a bit incongruent with the slick flash interface. The boards look nice.
  4. I'm a fine artist myself and think its a cool idea. It's a clean iconic look that comes off very informative. What did you use to make it? Curious about how you animated the people (3D rigging?)
  5. Good pace. Nice flow, variety, and balance of 3D with 2D. Shows a very wide skillset. I'm no expert, so it's hard to find anything specific to improve on. I like the simple technique where the tools morph into each other in the fotographia piece. Did you do that in flash frame by frame? I'm looking to try something similar to that.
  6. When on a date, using the word z-space makes me seem really deep. I know, not that original....
  7. ikep2008

    My Reel

    I appreciate the comment. I am trying something new on this version as my spots always seem to drag. So I started to make them jump cut to the music. I was surprised on how it actually seems very fluid even though so many frames have been removed. It seems the most common criticism here on reels is that they are too long/ not snappy enough. I wonder where to draw the line. I'm starting to feel this one is a little too jumpy or confusing. On another note, does anyone have suggestions on what additions can be made the reel to make it more balanced and varied? For example, outside of my work for clients, what types of animation would help me come off more than a one trick pony. I've been interested in doing some flash cell animation and think it would add a bit of interesting whim to things. What I have is a bit dry/ inside the box. I'm always jealous when I see some of the reels posted up here and wonder how you guys keep things so fresh while doing all the run of mill client work. It says 99 people have looked at this post. I know a lot of you guys are very experienced and have strong opinions and there are always things that can be improved. Please don't hold back. If you saw anything that bothered you about this reel, fire away - even the slightest thing. I would appreciate it! Thanks. This site is an incredible resource.
  8. ikep2008

    My Reel

    Hi everyone. I am working on my reel and want to get some comments/criticism. Please visit http://www.isaacp.com/videos/2009_reel.html
  9. I know there was a similar post on doing 4/3 into 16/9 a while back, but I have a more specific question. My recent stuff has been 864x486 Widescreen Square Pixel coming out of After Effects. I am editing my new reel in FCP and want to keep this nice wide aspect ratio since its for the web only. What would be the best sequence settings without distortion or extreme cropping? I have tried just about everything and even if it looks right in FCP its all squished in the quicktime export. Ive tried toggling the anamorphic 16/9 button but it's still squished horizontally. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. Anybody down to meetup again before the next AENY meeting. If so let me know. Wasn't able to make the last one.
  11. By "2. I pickwhip the point of interest to the position" Do you mean the position of the camera itself or the object you want the lense to look at. Then what if you want to change where the camera is looking? Sorry if this is a retard question. Thanks if you can clarify.
  12. In AE definitely find it easier to see the position path in the top and isometric views. I move the time indicator to the problem spot then go into the graph editor to smooth it. I've been using roving keyframes. Anybody know how to smooth out baked keyframs in C4D. Right now I have a keyframe for every frame and I wish I could remove them with only the necessary ones.
  13. Thanks Chris et al. for the really helpful info. Looks like there are a variety of useful approaches, which would ultimately contribute to ones style. Here is an example of a lighting issue I am trying to resolve. See link: Lighting issue There are not lights in this seen. The wood background slopes is a floor that ramps up. The problem is the auto light only lights in relation to where the camera is pointing, so here the floor is too dark under the "Meeting" text and the wall is lit up. If I add a light for the floor than the nice autolighting becomes disabled. Any specific ideas to fixing this. Note this is only one frame of a sweeping camera animation. Chris, So by the above point you mean use an object with high luminance in place of an actual light? I will have to experiment with the CS tools. Interesting your point on AE. I never use lights in AE and I guess now that I am learning C4D I have carried over the habit.
  14. I was wondering what are common practices in lighting for motion graphics. With my animations in C4D have been just using the built in autolight with ambient occlusion with decent results, however I feel like I maybe limiting the best results somehow. Setting up lights never seems to look right especially when the camera moves through a scene with multiple objects (how to light them all naturally is frustrating) I would like to hear about what lighting techniques you guys typically use. For example, is it common to leave out lights and utilize the illumination channal instead and then turn on AO, and thus not needing lights...? And is that really practical given that it greatly effects render time for every frame of an animation. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Here is an example of something I am working on using just the built in autolight http://www.isaacp.com/videos/safe_objects_spin_h246.mov
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