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  1. Killer reel. I love the personality. Unfortunately, I don't know if I'll remember any of your work vs. the editing of it. But I love the intentionality of making something really simple complex (the intro), thereby making something complex simple.

  2. I'd say that its about 30 seconds too long and that your work is a little redundant. Its obvious that you're a fan of trendy mograph stuff.


    I'd say, start developing your own voice. Stand out a little. If you stripped away everything down to the one core thing about yourself, what would you have?

  3. It might be a bit surprising to say this, but I would suggest that you give more screen-time for your best projects. Longer shots. It all happens so fast, it seems like stuff is getting crammed in. Take your time. You've got a lot of stuff. Maybe think like R&B shot timing versus Hip Hop timing.


    Your work has a lot of personality, let that personality marinate a bit. Its strong, you don't have to blast it.

  4. Yeah, I was surprised you used them. They're an interesting act. I saw them one time at a birthday party in a small rural catholic church in Lancaster, PA. Interestingly, this was after being signed with Maverick.

  5. Is that Family Force Five I hear? It works well with the flavor of your work. It's a pretty solid reel. The only thing I don't like about it is the logo. Its way too much. Too much color or type or something. Something simpler would work better.

  6. Purple, this career path is about being handed a bunch of new tools you've never used before and being expected to make a masterpiece. We all get crayons in kindergarten and Markers in first grade. Now we just get bigger tools.


    Be dynamic. And enjoy being creative in whatever mediaform God puts in front of you.

  7. Your work has a lot of personality. Just get rid of your "coming soon" pages. They're a tease. And please make your bio in copyable text. If it's gotta be in Flash, please make it dynamic so it can be copied.

  8. I agree with Phil that the size is a little bit of a problem. It takes a while to download. Are you using H234?


    The Eminem and Mr. & Mrs. Smith stuff look vastly inferior to some of your other work. How much of that is student work?

  9. I'm really digging it! I kinda love it. Like seriously.


    The only thing is that I don't know how much of what you're doing is going to convince a professional employer to hire you. But that aside, its obvious that you're having fun and enjoy what you're doing. That's important.

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