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  1. For such a strong track as New Noise, I would have expected much more of a fast-paced reel with tons of quick edits after the song takes off.


    My recommendation? Cut the lead in of the song immediately after your intro title so that the explosion really shows off your work. And clip the reel to probably less than a second. If you don't have a ton of work, don't feel like you have to fill up time. Just work with what you have.


    The goal is to be yourself and be transparent with where you're at.

  2. My personal pet peeve: Reels using Justice as the audio track - especially when the work is pretty good, but the cuts do little justice. My suggestion? Pick a different track. Your work deserves to stand out. Use something every other motionographer isn't touching.


    Maybe some Celine Dion...

  3. You really take advantage of the transitions for the purpose of eye-candy: a mark of a classy motionographer.


    Cool song, but if you're gonna show any of this to somebody familiar with mograph, you're gonna have to cut it shorter and faster.

  4. Is getting a personal response from a submission to Motionographer typical?


    I know a ton of people who submit stuff to Motionographer. I don't know many that got posted.


    Motionographer's objective is to post that which is revolutionary and inspiring to the rest of the mograph community. If your stuff didn't get posted, it doesn't mean it's not good. It just means that it's not the hottest thing in the world at the moment (something I'm okay with, considering I don't feel like competing with the whole world.)

  5. Justin simply learned that the business world thrives on good relationships - and he does a great job of it. Its a simple rule: the way you treat the least important reflects on how you will be treated. Besides, the "least important" have this way of becoming the "most important".


    Its all about reaping what you sow.

  6. No problem. The design and the animation style is something you're going to look back at in five years and say "Oh dang! That's so lame!" simply because you're following popular conventions for today and doing things that look like they're done in pop tutorials.


    In advertising we have this saying, "Nothing is more dangerous than doing what everybody else is doing."

  7. Solid concepts. Unique music choice.

    Maybe try to develop your animations and keyframes, though. Your flow and timing are the main keys to telling a story effectively. Audiences know if something doesn't flow quite right.

  8. Raj,


    Great pacing. Great length. But the first pieces that you show are some of your weaker ones (the two shots before "the war room" come to mind). A lot of the C4D stuff seems to be a little redundant, too. "Who will take the glory home" looks a little awkwardly kerned.) Maybe take that piece out? Past that, your commercial work is tight. The piece with the Taj Mahal looked good.

  9. There's definitely a lot to like, especially considering your age and the fact that you're self taught.

    I don't want to let either of those two details poison the well (so to speak) though.


    The abstract visuals, which make up the majority of your reel, feel well executed and you clearly have a good grasp of 3d, particularly cloth and fluids. Each shot does feel a bit like an individual experiment (a well made one though) of a specific technique or software feature. The type laid over tries to give these shots a feeling of a deeper purpose, but the type feels like a bit of an afterthought. The way it was integrated, animated, and composed appears very secondary and I find most of the type difficult to read give the intensity and complexity of the other visual elements.


    My advice would be to work more closely with the type as a PRIMARY element rather than as a supporting element. Demonstrate that you understand how to compose, treat, and animate type and I think your work will shine even further and your reel will be much more well-rounded.


    All in all there's some good work and you're headed in the right direction.


    What he said.

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