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  1. Solid edits. I feel like I've seen it before, though.
  2. mjoshua

    Multimedia Hase

    Three things about your reel and website: 1. Make it way shorter and faster (time-remapping will help). I would keep it less than a minute. 2. You seriously need to use a solitary music track. The present audio does nothing for you. 3. Simplify your typographic choices. Never use more than two fonts in a visual. It makes things look inconsistent: especially your website.
  3. mjoshua

    Habib's new work

    Yeah, Habib. Let me know how that turns out. The world has this sad way of restricting us from being who we are. Thus, telling us to cave to their paradigms.
  4. mjoshua

    new minireel

    Am I daft? I don't know what makes the reel "mini". Its kinda long for anything called "mini".
  5. mjoshua

    Habib's new work

    I love how everything in your reel oozes of intentionality. Nothing seems to be done purely for cool factor, but is instead used for the purpose of the message. Great combination of Middle-eastern/hip-hop personality and commercial functionality.
  6. Do you want us to critique it or are you just showing it to show it? It would seem like the latter...
  7. mjoshua

    Today Is Tomorrow

    Brilliant reel! Your use of pink/fuscia is pretty prevalent and draws a lot of excitement into your work. It could be a little over used. But nevertheless, it's great use of color theory.
  8. You're work works. It does what it's supposed to. Any chance you have any side projects or variety, though? Any tutorials? Everything is a little too similar. I'd recommend doing two or three 5-10 second shorts where you try a technique foreign to the BET culture. Also, the leading in your text is far too wide and your links are just like your body text. I'd suggest fixing those things.
  9. mjoshua


    I'll try it out.
  10. mjoshua

    Hopper Video

    Yeah, its pretty nice. I concur about the lighting and stuff.
  11. I'm gonna be really harsh here and say that using Justice for your mograph reel screams of uncreativity and unoriginality. Its a surefire way to be forgettable. I know their tracks have lots of fun stuff to edit to, but c'mon...
  12. Its a chill little piece. I'd make sure all the taggings and stuff on vimeo are accurate, though.
  13. mjoshua

    Maxon Reel 2008

    Wow! That was all quite brilliant! There's a strength in the on-screen shotlist, too. Its less arty, but more professionally impressive. Its crazy long. But I think that's okay in this case.
  14. It was totally worth it in every way. And even though it was my company that paid, I would do it again on my own dime. The connections and community alone were worthwhile. Everybody was really chill.
  15. It was totally worthwhile. Rachel Maddow's speech was my fave. But each session had something rich to offer.
  16. mjoshua

    Reel Critique

    Its good work. I liked the pets part. Personally, I would put that up front just to make the first impression stand out. But yeah, as for the reel at large, it could be a little shorter. But all in all good work! I would maybe change the presentation of the website a bit, though. Maybe designed a little more intentionally...
  17. Yeah, man. Nice work. I love the feel of the reel. I just want to chill out as I watch it. The pace is only a small problem to me. Maybe if you edit the cuts a little quicker and only show the best parts of the chill little animations you did. Like Cut the length in half maybe?
  18. Cool stuff. Tight work. Though, the stuff in the first :20 is way more memorable than the stuff after that. Maybe show less work? Only show the pieces that burn themselves into people's imagination?
  19. I'm totally psyched about it. I'll be there the whole time.
  20. I think a harsh critique would probably be far too harsh. Ironically, you probably averted the overtly harsh responses by simply making that request. In any case, I'll be mild: 1. Simplify everything. Your whole site looks like it was made sophomore year in high school. AKA, "Look how many effects I know how to turn on in Photoshop!" 2. Practice restraint. There are just too many fonts, too much text, too much gray... 3. Use your reel to tell a story. Currently, its way too slow and boring. You use nearly a minute thirty for only 6 projects. Shorten it to 30 seconds if that's all you have.
  21. mjoshua

    Music Video

    Brilliantly flowing and story-telling. Solid work.
  22. mjoshua

    Frye 09 Reel

    Solid work. I don't think I'll remember it, though.
  23. mjoshua

    My Reel

    I agree with everybody else. Using Justice is the Mograph version of ordering a big mac cheeseburger at McDonalds.
  24. Good question. I've never really gotten an answer on it. I think it's kind of a gray area since our work is kinda self-promotional. But I'm just gonna "enable email notifications of replies" so I can see what somebody smarter than me has to say on the subject.
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