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  1. I graduated from school and I'm looking for MoGraph work while pursuing my personal film projects. Face to face interactions are so much better than emails and cold calls. I can easily find film industry parties in LA where I can meet other directors, producers, agents, writers, actors, and other various filmmaking talent like editors, illustrators and so on. Two this week alone. I've made some good connections. Are there any similar types of parties for the Motion Graphics / Agency world? It'd be nice to find events where you can socialize and meet producers, creative directors and other professionals from good agencies in a causal social setting? Even though most MoGraph agencies are very casual socially, you can only meet these people in a formal situation, like submitting a reel for a job.
  2. Thanks guys. Great tips. You saved me $$$ & Time It looks like my problems boil down to not enough RAM. Instead of upgrading my OS, I'll get some more RAM. Its really sad that nobody at Adobe Tech support mentioned this despite repeated calls on this issue. Shows the problems with outsourcing, but that's a whole 'nutha topic. -mr
  3. Thought I'd see if the After Effects Ninjas on this board might have some ideas or insights. Anybody ever run into this? My troubleshooting hasn't worked. Help!!! My Problem: Extremely sluggish behavior in After Effects. I suspect the root cause of the above is that AE only recognizes only 3GB of my 6GB RAM. AE seems to take over all my RAM and CPU activity. Even so, it only uses 30-35% of 3GB of RAM during render time. But AE has hinted it can see 6GB. Details Below. How Sluggish: It took me 7 minutes to simply quit out of all my programs and restart. Switching to other aps often takes 30-60 secs. The app's palettes load blank and slowly fill in. Sheesh!!! If I want to relive the 90s, I'll listen to MC Hammer. My system specs: 2x3GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon / 6GB RAM / OSX 10.5.8 Not the latest Mac, but certainly decent enough for HD work. Right? My workflow: I am currently working on an HD (1920x1080) film. Lots of 2D FX shots, mostly tracking and green screen work. I'm animating living paintings and putting them into live action plates. Match Grain is my most processor intensive AE effect (footage shot on 35mm). Some comps have complicated layering. Still, my setup should be performing better. Right? For this project I usually have the following aps open: After Effects Photoshop (Minimal Use) Excel (for the shot list and time code info) iTunes (streaming radio while I work) Firefox Since noticing this problem, I've avoided keeping tons of files open in my other apps. What I've tried, to no effect: Getting another 3GB of RAM. No improvement was a surprise. Turning on Multi-core processor support in the prefs, adjusting, restarting. The prefs see 6GB, but the About dialog and render feedback only see 3GB. Re-installing AE CS4 Suite from the original discs. Deleting the AE Prefs Calling Adobe & Apple tech support. Each one blames the other. Adobe's support is terrible, outsourced labor reading pre-planned scripts then referring me to online docs. Not opening Excel. It's an old, pre-intel version, but works fine for what I need. Runing the OnyX utility to streamline my system per Adobe's suggestion. My production computer was pretty clean to begin with. Time-consuming troubleshooting I'm holding off on: Upgrading to OSX Snow Leopard Upgrading Excel/MS office suite to Intel-friendly version. Any help much appreciated. Here are links to screens of my settings. http://img690.images...ssingprefs.jpg/ http://img97.imagesh...dermessage.jpg/ http://img696.images...boutdialog.jpg/
  4. Thanks. Great tip. It'd be nice if Form's particles could follow the direction of the path. But that's sounds like something better suited for C4D or a more robust particle solution.
  5. Either Trapcode Form can't do this - or there's a trick I'm missing. I'm betting its the latter. I'm trying to create a path of random particle driven images. I can get random sizes and opacity, but not rotation. Seems like an odd ommission to the feature set. Just read the help files and did some searching on this forum and on Google, and can't find a workaround. Is there anyway around this? Using version 1.0
  6. I think its a huge help. I produced electronica semi-professionally before animation school, and the process of keframing animation in After Effects or 3D is astoundingly similar to sequencing beats in Logic/ProTools/Reason. The lead character animator for the Stuart Little movies visited my animation class and he said being a bass player helped his character animation chops. I think musicians tend towards a more nuanced understanding of phrasing and instinctively avoid setting their keys to the big, obvious song moments or peaks in the .wav file, knowing the real magic of making the phrase "swing" is somewhere inbetween. Hard to specify, but I can tell by some reels the artist is not a musician, although they're good at mograph. Of course, I might just be smug musician/animator. However, I've also noticed that being a musician can get in the way of animation and storytelling. When it came time to make my thesis film, I fired myself as a composer. I'd get too caught up in making a cool groove instead of a score that moves the story forward. I also think that music and film have different innate rhythms. I saw lots of student exercises - music videos of a favorite song - and usually by the second verse, the shots got boring and you were waiting for the chorus to kick in so something would happen. Stories classically have a 3 act structure that has to move forward and surprise you, pop music has a 4 bar structure that you want to anticipate and repeat.
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