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  1. Yeah. After two years with Windows, it's the only thing I really 'miss'.
  2. You take that back, you son-of-a-bitch!
  3. Whelp, guess I'll get us started off here...
  4. Great post, Chris. I saw your presentation at NAB and, of course, loved it. Apologies for not saying 'hello', I had to book it as soon as you wrapped. Maybe I'll run into your next year or, if you're attending, at Siggraph. Off-topic side note: If your cam dept. ever needs a good 1st AC I'd be thrilled to lend a hand. Cheers, Eric
  5. Otto was like an HJ at a Japanese massage parlor. You kinda found out after that fact that the whole 'happy ending' thing was illegal but, you didn't really regret it, so no big whoop. Fred is like a HJ at a Japanese electronics convention. The fact that it's tacitly allowed takes some of the fun out of it, but is replaced by much improved hand/eye coordination. Does that make sense?
  6. Post this at c4dcafe.com Asking modeling questions here is like asking an interior designer how to build furniture.
  7. Are you using dynamics? If so, you'll want to calculate the percentage of time being stretched/slowed down and adjust that in your project settings (dynamics tab). Example: Let's say the production's Base frame rate is 30fps (this is the frame rate all footage will be played back at, regardless of how many frames were captured per second). At a Capture frame rate of 1500fps, one second of real world time would yield 50 seconds of recorded footage (1500 frames played back at 30 fps = 50 seconds). Now, rarely will a shot live for 50 seconds in the cut. If you were to set up C4D at a Capture (render) frame rate of 1500, and the shot only lasts for 3 seconds in the cut (90 frames), you'd have needlessly rendered 1410 frames. So, in our example, if we're slowing down real world time by a ratio of 50:1 (50 secs of recorded footage for every second of real world time) then we need C4D simulate dynamics on a time scale relative to that ratio as well. If 1 second equals 30 frames at 100% time scale then 1 second should equal 1500 frames at 2% time scale.
  8. Are you trying to match a footage plate shot at 1500 fps?
  9. The Hackintosh route would be acceptable for personal work but for client work I'd say you're crazy.
  10. On a semi-related note, Pixologic doesn't offer mult-OS options for ZBrush, nor do they let you transfer your license. If you have the OSX version and want to switch to Windows (or vice versa) you have to pay 50% of the cost of a new license ($350). Having said that, anybody wanna buy my OSX license? $600, plus I'll pay the transfer fee.
  11. To the surprise of no one and the disappointment of many, Apple may be considering nixing, or severely dumbing down (fcpx style!), its Mac Pro line of desktops. Looking at recent trends (remember when Macbook Pros had pro I/O's?) this doesn't seem too far fetched. I use a Mac Pro at work but I've heard good things about Windows 7 and won't be too disheartened to pay less money for better spec'd hardware. If this turns into a reality, my attitude: fuck 'em.
  12. Hey, thanks dudes. I ended up going with RenderCore.com It was pretty easy to get set up and running, we'll see how it goes. I only have 300 frames + some OBJ buffers. Normally I budget enough time for rendering that I can stick to a single workstation, but this project required higher than normal AA settings and the deadline's Friday. Cheers.
  13. I'm curious if anyone here uses these services on a regular basis and if there are any tips/gotchas to look out for (besides the obvious test rendering and file-prep). RenderRocket.com and RenderCore.com both seem legit and competitively priced. Note: I'm using C4D R13 proprietary renderer and VRayforC4D (depending on the project). Thanks.
  14. R is for Rehashing tutorials verbatim. A is for After Effects has help documentation?! P is Presets! Presets! Presets!. E is for Eegah! I'm out of whiskey!
  15. Sign up at C4D Cafe and ask on their forums. Asking about modeling techniques on a motion graphics board makes about as much sense as asking about 3D tracking or matte painting. Sure, some people here have done it but it's hardly an efficient way to go about finding answers.
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