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  1. Greeting everybody, Is there a way to change the font size in the Script Manager ( Python) My text is so small I can't tell a period from a comma. I've look everywhere and no solutions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. C4D vs 13. Thanks in advance.
  2. Try Vertex-Pusher https://vertex-pusher.com/ Vol 5. Mastering Movement http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/topic/67338-vertex-pusher-vol5-released/ Check out the title index and see if this is what you were looking for. ( if the site acts up it is because the site doesn't like explorer )
  3. Searched everywhere to try to locate the scrips Mike the Monkey refers to in his NAB presentation on sound. They were scripted by Rick Barrett and were available from Cineversity but dead links since they changed the site. The scrips are Progressive Keys and Import data. I was hoping someone could hook me up... thanks Crispin Dah..LOL http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/nab_2010_rewind_4dthieves_-_mike_the_monkey_senften Couldn't see the forest for the trees. It is here under "files"
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