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    [img]http://i967.photobucket.com/albums/ae155/creage/CA.jpg[/img]Hello- freelance
  1. Hey Sao Bento I would Like to know what has changed your opinion on this sort of issue ? Because its clear in this thread your very happy with unreasonable fees?
  2. Hello Mograph Folks Just wondering how everyone is feeling with upgrade pricing, as with most I have recently made the cs5 upgrade, now slowly moving through the plugs, feelin a little bit Tired of shelling out for 64bit plug upgrades, Well to be more direct with RedGiant and there upgrade on the Trapcode Suite I know its only 100 bucks, Regardless I'm left feeling weird about the whole ordeal I mean should I expect a free Upgrade?, Just wondering if anyone feels the same. Cheers Rob
  3. Regardless of how you sounded, you had a opinion and in a proper arena you should be allowed to have it heard.
  4. Definitely Bad Form. but now that I think about it there has always been a negative vibe there anyway. Its a great site to burn a half hour but not really to have an opinion! Rob
  5. Made some small changes to the reel and site, if anybody has a second I would love some More feedback !!! Thanks Robert
  6. I will start by stating I'm revising my own reel for the same reasons. I enjoyed it, over all its very good, but forgetful, like there is not one piece I can say I will remember or go back to view a second time? I would tighten it up a small bit, if it were mine I would loose the DJ Spinning the record it looks like a bad KEY ?, also the girl in the (last clip) went on a bit to long. I hope I don't come off too negative, I'm only trying to push you to think outside of what is seen and create something amazing! Robert
  7. Thank you for taking the time to post that. Robert
  8. This is a great body of work. great flow, I love it. Robert_
  9. Hay James use photobucket.com, make an account, upload, and use the link code in the sharing options window, and paste it to your change Avatar http box I have the same trouble for ages! Robert_
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