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  1. Yeah, I've done my first reel (the 2009 reel) with classical music too. Editing was really different, and interesting on this. So i wanted to step back (after a try on the 2010 reel with electro music) on this one and try something with a little sound design work. I've re watched the reel, and yep, there's two splatters animation. ^^ I promise, i won't put more than one on the next reel ;-) By the way, thanks for your comment, it's great to have some words from a great artist !
  2. Hi Motion guys ! Here is my new reel ! Hope you'll enjoy and post some words in here about it ;-) http://www.vimeo.com/22339551 bye !
  3. unfortunatly, no... same 3/4 years studies only... I'm thinking of take a great break (about 6 mounth) and sign-in to something like fx-phd. But it's not the solution that I'm really searching, I prefer to learn with peoples, and be able to ask questions to a human ad solve problems on my own projects. If u find someyhing, please could u contact me
  4. hyp3 : sorry, I should have said that i already have this background. I'm an art director and I've recently evolved to Motion design animation. My goal is now to improve my 3D skills in a school because i'm tired to search on the web and learn by myself slowly... jablinko : Yes, Gobelins is a great school but their programs are too long : about 2/4 years ! And they are great on traditional stuffs and 3D pixar looking films... I'm not interested in that. And it is a very selective and expensive school. ------ To be clearer, what i'm searching for is to get trained in order to be able to work for a Motion design company such as Shilo, DK and others smaller ones (they're just examples...) ;-)
  5. Hi everyone. I'm searching for a school that teaches Motion Graphics : but it is very hard to find something that fits... My case is difficult : I'm living in Paris (France) I'm searching for a school that goes deep into 3D but n C4D And I'm searching a course that last about 6 mounth In France, it is very difficult to find a school for that. It's like Motion Design doesn't exist... Please : post here the place where you've studies and your comments about it I've already look at the Vancouver Film School, and expression.edu Thanks for your help
  6. Thanks Dan Yep, the rugby stuff is a personnal project. I did roto, a little bit of tracking, and animation. There is no 3D stroke on my work, just particular, I prefer this plug because of it's great control feature. And, woh !!! You've got great eagle eye ! The sequence of the earth is so short, and you've seen that aspect ratio mistake O___o I'll try to correct it for the next render ;-)
  7. Hi ! Here is my new showreel ! http://www.vimeo.com/7554511 Comments are welcome
  8. yep ! I've try something in AE. And finally, I think you're right. It is the best way to realise what I want. But i think that the only way to get the result I'm looking for would be something like create a principal particle system in a comp with my camera moves, render it with the alpha chanel, duplicate the comp to make new light and graphic changes, render the new one... etc... to finnaly create import all the renders in a composite... pretty simple Thanks for you help guys ;-)
  9. Thanks for your help, I think that's what i'm searching The_Monkey : The limits are simple : I don't have particular 2 and with the Particular 1, I don't know how to create a system with multiple strokes that interacts and goes back and front with multiple colors.
  10. Hi everyone ! And i don't know where to start with this ! I'm want to create something that looks like light paintings that used on the ipod ads (the old campain) on C4D. I could do it without any problems on after effects but Particular has its limits for what I want to do. I'm sure that it's easyer to do this with real 3D, but I'm not an expert on 3D stuff. If you guys have an idea or a tutorial... ? Thanks !
  11. Hi guys, and thanks for theses ones ! Ifsomebody knows other ones near Lausanne, it might interest me too Daniel : I'm from Paris (France)
  12. Hi, I'm searching for informations about Motion design companies from Switzerland... Do you know some of them ? Name, adresses, website etc... Thanks
  13. yep , i'm on my way for the next version ! I think it should be ready for this summer with new works.
  14. Hi guys ! First I want to thank you for the comments on my first Demoreel attempt ! misanthrope. : I've just put my works in this demo without trying to show that I could cover the "classical mograph tricks" but you're right, and it is a pure coincidence fetusface : Thanks ! Actually I'm working for a Web Agency so the most parts of this demo is based on stuff from websites and some websites that I designed or animate. For the song, I've just try a bit of change and create something different and I think that's working because everybody tell me about it
  15. Hi ! Here is my first showreel Hope you'll enjoy it and make some comments about it http://www.vimeo.com/3529570
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