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  1. Totally agree about the discounted packages. Adobe Creative Cloud really needs tiers. Give me an A/V package and I'd be much happier swallowing the "subscription" model each month.
  2. Releasing the latest version as Adobe CC 2014 is practically telling users, get ready for CC 2015…. CC 2020! So yea, get your hard drives ready and be prepared for all the annoying plugin/script/add-on updating tasks that go along with it.
  3. Beware, Red Giant plugins are not fully compatible yet. I've held off on upgrading until all my plugins are guaranteed to work. I feel your pain.
  4. I find it annoying that the new version of CC installs another version of all the Adobe apps on your computer called CC (2014). I thought one of the selling points was that incremental updates would just be added to the existing version. I smell compatibility problems.
  5. Loved this video, thanks for sharing. You explain the creative process very eloquently, look forward to the next one.
  6. QuickTime 720p x264 export at the highest quality sent via wetransfer.com with details in an email.
  7. Magic Bullet Looks if I'm not color grading in AE and Pluraleyes if that counts.
  8. thanks Scott. this will definitely come in handy for some of the element/plexus work I'll be doing this week. like you, I would just eyeball everything but it's proving to be a big chore. however, it does save a ton of time rather than rendering out some simple objects in c4d and working them into AE.
  9. right on, thanks for sharing colin! i dig your abstract work and will definitely take a look at some of your scene files. cheers!
  10. doing a clean install on my retina macbook pro. is it now safe to upgrade to mavericks for your typical AE/C4D mograph setup?
  11. perfect. x264 is what I mainly use as my export codec. cheers.
  12. what about QuickTime Pro 7.0? does anyone know if anything is broken, specifically exporting from the old QT Pro app?
  13. Well at least this explains why my settings weren't being synced. Thought I was going mental for a bit.
  14. how will the lack of NVIDIA GPUs affect C4D and AE/plugins is what I wanna know.
  15. thanks for your help over the years Harry. we definitely have your back during these trying times.
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