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  1. Windows snap is nice in windows 10 I always miss it when I'm on mac. The win+tab is much improved as well & works a lot more like expose on mac now
  2. I've not had any problems working with prores on pc the decoder part works fine, the problem is there is no encoder for pc so you would have to change your workflow to DNX or something. That might cause difficulty client or co-worker side as they would have to install extra codecs etc. I use exfat for everything these days anyway and not had any problems switching between operating systems. Fonts always seem to be the biggest issue for me, also missing all the little things that you rely on like quicklook and expose. Windows is getting better for those kind of things but its still not as fluid at doing things like support for image thumbnails etc.
  3. I've been waiting for decent multiprocessing to happen in afx for at least 5 years... I wouldn't hold your breath
  4. yeah I just scrolled the screen down a bit to hide my porn. I'm assuming this is something they fixed in CS6 and its not because its windows 8?
  5. thanks vozz will take a look at that. Here is what I'm talking about...a picture says a thousand words
  6. Sorry, this is probably really basic but I've just been moved onto a windows machine from a mac at work & some stuff is really slowing up my workflow. I've tried google but not even sure how to describe what i want to do as a question. Is there a way to either: a: disable the "special" adobe save as/open window so it uses the much better standard windows one (where all my shortcuts are) b: add shortcuts to the adobe one My current workaround is to add lots of shortcuts to the desktop as I can always get to the desktop & from there to where I want to be but its not very zen. Thanks
  7. Seriously it cannot be that difficult if someone has already solved it with a custom script, the ability to launch multiple render engines already exists as part of the software. The multi-processor implementation in AFX is pretty dire (the majority of the time it actually renders slower so i turn it off). So of my 16 core mac pro 1 is being used
  8. Thanks, thats very detailed with screen grabs no less. I have found there is a preserve pitch check box in premier under the time stretch options which in theory would do a similar job. I guess it depends on the quality of the algorithm it is using to recalculate the audio, will have to do some tests. That makes much more sense now though, many thanks.
  9. Sorry but that's a bit vague to be helpful to me. Do you import the audio before you conform it or after? How much do you speed it up by? How do you adjust the pitch and by how much?
  10. I've got some 24p footage that i need to convert to 25p in premiere. I've read around a bit and it seems like the easiest way to do this is to interpret the footage as 25p and bring it into a PAL timeline as normal and it will speed it up by around 4% which isn't really that noticeable It is meant to pitch shift the audio though but i cant find anything on how to correct for this. Anyone got a good solution for this? Thanks
  11. As much as there is a lot of exciting potential in this the performance in the AFX viewport even with a very simple scene looks very choppy. In fact what I'd really like to see is better viewport performance in aftereffects full stop (looks at premiere mercury engine). Also if there was a feature where the multi processing actually made the render faster instead of slower that really would be a great feature.
  12. If anyone gets a link for these on vimeo or something could they throw the link up, keen to have a look especially the Aixsponza stuff. Thanks
  13. Its quite damning that given there have now been 2 full OS updates from apple since snow leopard, the general consensus among professional users is to stick with 10.6. I've not heard anyone that upgraded to lion have a single positive thing to say about it & I know its early days to start writing off 10.8 but its still sounding like another pretty underwhelming launch for an apple software product
  14. We are using VIZrt in combination with cinema, I've never managed to take animation in successfully though. Our usual workflow is bake in all the lighting etc then take into VIZ and do all the animation there. We've had more success using VRML to export models than anything else though so that might be the best bet. I'd be interested to know how you get on.
  15. were the particle effects/dust motes done in post or using the physical render as well? They seem to have some nice chromatic aberration type effect going on.
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