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    <p><strong>Animations, illustrations, films</strong><br><br><strong>Available for</strong><br> Collaborations<br> Freelancing<br> Long-Term Contract<br><br><strong>Contacts</strong><br> Email - <a class="bbc_email" href="mailto:robertas.nevecka@gmail.com" title="E-mail Link">robertas.nevecka@gmail.com</a><br> Skype - robertas_nevecka<br><br><a href="http://www.robertasnevecka.com/en">robertasnevecka.com</a></p>
  1. Stop motion / SEB

    Stop motion TV spots (3 x 10") for SEB Bank Animated using Dragonframe
  2. Animation / Stray dog

    Animated social ad about microchips for pets Tools: Wacom Companion 2 Photoshop + After Effects
  3. After Death, Before Hell - VFX reel

    A showcase of VFX, lighting and color grading work done for a short animated film After Death, Before Hell
  4. Witches Live Amongst Us

    Summit Entertainment and DeviantArt summoned four animators to create custom animations based on exclusive, unreleased scenes from The Last Witch Hunter Director and animator: Robertas Nevecka Illustrator: Gediminas Skyrius Narrator: Michael Caine More about this project: www.deviantart.com/TheLastWitchHunter
  5. Fire Burns (animated social ad)

  6. 2D rain animation test

    yea, I did the BG plate. had some thoughts about light flickering, but decided that this light wouldn't flicker on camera. I agree that droplets lack variability. I kinda did six different versions of animated sprites, but I guess it's not enough. thanks for the feedback robertas nevecka robertasnevecka.com
  7. 2D rain animation test

    2D rain animation test https://vimeo.com/70407927 photoshop + after effects thoughts?
  8. Animation from the Baltics (reel)

    Animation showreel https://vimeo.com/66961603 Robertas Nevecka http://robertasnevecka.com/en
  9. War Dance - animated music video

    animated music video from the Baltics Vaiper and The Green Clouds - War Dance (Karo šokis) https://vimeo.com/49557688
  10. electric cable animation

    https://vimeo.com/44151928 music video for lithuanian indie rock
  11. 2d animation showreel from eastern europe

    http://vimeo.com/30689779 2d animation showreel feedback?
  12. Patterns (experimental animation)

    http://www.vimeo.com/29347574 Experimental animation for experimental film workshop Lecturer - Nicolas Perge (France) - nicolas-perge.com Inspired by traditional Lithuanian fabric motifs All animated frame by frame without any computer generated animation
  13. stop motion commercial

    A stop-motion commercial for "Champion" apparel http://vimeo.com/22451240 Animation process http://vimeo.com/22483418 Producer: Aušra Ramonaitė Director/animator: Robertas Nevecka Camera: Zbigniev "Zbigas" Bartoševič Sound: Justinas "Zaicas" Važnevičius Stop-motion assist: Reda Meškauskaitė
  14. Symphony about the Goodman

    http://www.vimeo.com/12554206 A trio of guys gets into somewhat uncommon for them gig outfits, hires an imaginary orchestra conductor Mr. Goodman and tries to perform a symphony of an alternative party. Such video shots along with bits of animation accompany the young rock band's Freaks On Floor song "Symphony about the Goodman" in their first clip.
  15. Ar kiekvienas laimingas?

    Graphics for a local TV show "Ar kiekvienas laimingas" (Is everyone happy?) http://www.vimeo.com/10976633 Production company: Protorus Music: Justinas "Zaicas" Važnevičius