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  1. is not as powerful or accurate, but can in certain cases shrinkwarp deformed Mocca 3 http://www.c4des.com/c4desforo/index.php?topic=13774.0 (post 5) Greetings
  2. Sorry, really first you must register.I hope this will be your help. http://translate.google.com/translate?prev...ate0=es%7Cen%7C greeting
  3. Hola a todos Me presento soy Raul Sierra Vergara, Biciclo en c4des mi ingles es nulo, así que estoy ocupando el traductor de Google para comunicarme con ustedes, quería compartir con ustedes una serie de tutoriales sobre Thinkings Particles que he hecho para la comunidad de usuarios de Cinema 4d en español www.c4des.com espero les guste saludos http://www.c4des.com/c4desforo/index.php?topic=16042.0 Hello everyone Hello everyone I am presenting Sierra Raul Vergara, Biciclo in c4des my English is null, so I'm addressing the Google translator to communicate with you, I wanted to share with you a series of tutorials on Thinkings Particles I've done for the community of users of Cinema 4D in Spanish www.c4des.com I hope you like it greetings http://www.c4des.com/c4desforo/index.php?topic=16042.0
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