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    Computer graphics and animation

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    Computer graphics and animation studio, based in Yerevan, Armenia, founded in 1993.<br /> The main activities:<br /> TV advertising,<br /> TV design,<br /> Visual effects for movie (2K) and video,<br /> Visualization (architectural, industrial etc.<br /> Character design (3D and 2D),<br /> 3D modeling and texturing,<br /> Development of program modules for 3D MAX, AfterFX, Combustion,<br /> Elaboration of computer games,<br /> Education,<br /> Media planning.<br /> For more info., please visit [url="http://www.triadastudio.com/"]http://www.triadastudio.com/[/url]
  1. Hey guys, I thought you might be interested in.... animation + short film renowned for uncovering the most innovative and exciting moving image work from all over the world, onedotzero continues to champion digitally inflected works across music video, animation, motion graphics, narrative shorts, experimental, documentary and generative art on a global platform. http://www.artservis.org/izpis_dogodka.asp?hF=705 Call for submissions http://www.onedotzero.com/submissions.php Good luck to everyone !
  2. PORTFOLIO • TV DESIGN • PUBLIC TV OF ARMENIA http://www.triadastudio.com/?sid=3&sub=4&tv=1#
  3. Have a look and comment on this video,please, your comments and viewpoints are most welcomed. Here is the link for "Beer and Lobster" TV ad Thankx for watching & commenting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nzyrpUKFm4
  4. Here is ADs page, comments are welcomed! Hope you'll enjoy it. http://www.triadastudio.com/?sid=3&sub=3
  5. You're quite right, we're Lilit and Hasmik , and not only + a staff of a studio behind......... We're TRIADA STUDIO, computer graphics and animation studio, hope to impress you more in future and not only you .
  6. Hi !!! I am new to this forum and would like to show you my online portfolio. http://www.triadastudio.com/ Enjoy!
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