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  1. I remember you, ya crabby old lady. I still lurk more than post though, so you probably don't remember me
  2. Proximal shader is certainly getting me very close. The only problem I'm having now is that I can only get it to work off the verts of the spline while I'd like something more uniform. Checking use edges or polygon radius doesn't seem to do anything. I'd love to have it recognize the entire spline. Going to try to make some dummy faces to maybe drive the falloff. Dummy faces are getting me closer, but still getting weird splotches in the middle of the text when the edges of the faces are what should be driving the luminance.
  3. Thanks for the additional replies. I've tried the spline area light and it wasn't really doing it, and I'd rather not use cinema's glow when it can be done in the comp for more control, but I'll try out the proxima shader, thanks!
  4. Yeah, I've given up pretty much on SSS. Would love for it to work but def overkill. I thought of gradient lumas, but it feels like such a specific gradient, maybe the best thing would be to render out a matte for the faces that can then be choked and screened or something. I wish I was doing the composite, but its all Nuke, and some other guys are doing it. I would totally be just glowing up the selected elements. But ultimately I think you're right and at this point I think we'll have to DUN DUN DUNNNNN Fix it in post.
  5. Hey all! I'm trying to make some signs like the ones below in c4d. I'd like to be able to get a translucent material for the letters, so that i can get the subtle variance in the luminance that I can't really get from a flat luma channel. So SSS seems to be the answer, but the issues I'm having are... 1) When I make my SSS material and place lights inside the models, it seems that the corners/outline edges of the letters are brighter than the flat faces facing the camera, while I would expect and desire the opposite. 2) rendering SSS to 5K plates is NOT giving me good times, regardless of how I tweak settings. Wondering if anyone has had to do this and has had any success with any workarounds, or knows even more ways to optimize. I'm bumping down samples and bumping up smoothing, cranking up my path length in the SSS settings, still can't get a 5k render under 5min/frame Thanks if you have any ideas (he said at 5:40 PST on a friday before a holiday...)
  6. Just heard there's some issues with Mocha and Nuke that corrupt files? Don't have a ton in specifics, just heard the rumblings at the studio I'm working at. Someone's working roto in Snow Leopard, and the comp in Nuke on Mavericks was creating corrupted files I believe? They're just rendering mattes to workaround. Note has been sent to imagineer, be aware in the meantime!
  7. Wow... Hackers have had my userID and pw since August? How is it OK to sit on this info for over a month? Makes me wonder what other sites I store my info on have already been breached. FIREMIND?!?!?!
  8. Funemployment - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just-world_hypothesis (I do not draw, unless it's crappy sketches and storyboards.) Edit: That aside, would you be ok being audited? Do your best, do what feels right.
  9. Though shape layers are troublesome at times, offset seems to be working as intended in this instance. Your limitations for a solution are a little tight, not sure why you can't animate end/use stroke/use mattes. maybe with a little more info we could help find a clean solution.
  10. This old old old tutorial by Aharon introdued me to the weird vert order of circles v squares wayback. If you use his 45 degree rotate trick here, you could probably then resize the whole thing into a rectangular ratio for a natural morph. (since I seem to have probems making a) Link to actual time: (, I'm referencing 10:35 in the video)
  11. Yes, someone pointed this out on twitter and I promptly neglected my own thread, but you all should have the glory of seeing me facepalm as well, so here we are
  12. OK, so I've figured out how to parent a null to a vert via using the vert index and point node in xpresso. But added to the mix is the geometry being deformed by a random effector. Any way to parent the null to the vert post-effector?
  13. I also am surprised your stock libraries aren't on networked storage somewhere. RIP THEM DISCS YO Those are your files. Now... theoretically, you've ripped them. I log into stock feed. I say, oh shit, Stock Feed has that dope ass fire footage I've been looking for! How the hell does the original artist then get credit for me using the footage in a project when you're the one who paid for it? I mean, most houses have their own stock repositories, so if you're doing this just to stop from having to load up dvd's, I don't think this will go very far, and if you're doing it to share stock across the interwebs publicly, the rights issues come into play.
  14. Rights seem the biggest issue here as well. I'm assuming you guys are obviously thinking about this stuff since you'd also take on some liability as a distributor? Legal makes my head hurt.
  15. Do you mean like page down? Or are you looking to analyze one frame forward without actually displaying said frames?
  16. Ah! You're speakin' to the former Math/Statistics major in me. You have people A,B,...,H,I You have spaces to put them in. 1,2,3 There's 2 cases here, The case where A,B,C and B,A,C are considered different scenarios. In that case you have 9*8*7 or 504 total *permutations*. Then there's the case where A,B,C is considered a duplicate of B,A,C. In that case you have 9!/(3!*6!), or (9*8*7)/(3*2) or 84 total *combinations*. OK. So there you go. Your numbers are straight. Now still kind of unsure with what you're trying to accomplish.
  17. Agree that this looks great, and at the same time ChrisC's crits seem spot on. Can't help but think it's a result of the old "straight-ahead" animation pipeline where the first shot gets the most love then the deadline creeps up on the end shots. But still, I don't have a piece like this to show, not enough camera tracking in my career... so right on!
  18. In addition to those listed, I also subscribe to Nerdist CBC Spark RadioLab This American Life The Moth Tell Em Steve Dave edit: none of these are VFX/Mograph.
  19. Ooooh I stopped by for my bi-monthly visit to mograph.net at just the right time! Been here just over 6 months or so and still need to meet more peoples in my biz. Oh hell, I just like people in general. I shall be watching this thread for what west side watering holes/vomitoriums I should look into stalking.
  20. This is true, and if I don't get it in an electronic/instrumental audio track, I will usually have a hard time connecting on an emotional level.
  21. You're not really accepting criticism from two of the more traversed members of the board, one being the foremost critic around these parts. You'll get exactly what you're looking for with this piece, and there's no way anyone will change that. As an aside, allow me to speak into the wind and say I agree with everything CSmith and Binky have said, and add 2 things. Art without storytelling is weak, and "its not as funny if you have to explain it". OK, 3 things. Experience > concepts.
  22. this is where the questions start to not have definitive answers and begin to be handled with the highly unsatisfying yet widely applicable "it depends"
  23. I think mylenium was getting at why this isn't exactly a simple problem.
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