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  1. I'm looking for a piece from a movie where someone evil is monologuing to someone who can't reply. It's for a short animation Eg: Fantastic Four, Dr Doom is talking to Reed while is is frozen immobile in a chair. Don't really know where/how to start searching for this. Would be really cool to get replies, thanks!
  2. I used to have either Animation or Photo Jpeg encoded videos that I would then run though Media Encoder with an H.264 output. It would all work fine and there would be no obvious loss in quality. Lately, however, when i've done this, the video's output quality just gets absolutely crushed. (On another note, the settings button is no longer on the side panel, and I have to reach it through the top drop down menu. How do i get it back?) Help?
  3. Sorry for big time noob question but this is driving me nuts: Everytime I move my canvas in Photoshop (cs4), it starts drifiting away from center screen. Esp if I make kind of like a thowing action. How do I turn it off? Tried googling, but I just get links to cars.
  4. I'm currently running CS4 on an XP 32 bit OS I am planning to change over to Win 7 64 bit, and am wondering if there will be any issues/differences running CS4 on it. Are there different versions of CS4 for 32/64 bit systems? FYI, I'm not upgrading for the sake of my Adobe software. If performance improves , that's a bonus, and I have no plans to upgrade to CS5 anytime soon. Thanks!
  5. Yeah, I use the 6x9 Intuos 3 and its perfect. I think even if you get the smaller version you wouldn't really regret it. I find the main problem is having too much space and having to move around too much. I also think the older models tend to be more hardy. I've found recently that newer wacom models then to be more fragile and chip easily. For this reason, DO NOT get the last graphire model. This model has since been discontinued but some companies might still sell them. After 6 months, the surface erodes and get bumpy. Wacom considers this normal wear and tear and won't refund you.
  6. Here's just a question on sound effects. You know that credit crisis video that was done a while ago? (http://crisisofcredit.com/) Would those sound effects be easily purchased/gotten free somewhere or is that something that would have to be made? I'm thinking especially of those typing beep sounds. Is there a good place to get them, or are sound effects really all pretty much the same and it's up to the artist to customize them? In that case where do you learn this stuff?
  7. So why is it then, that schools only seem to teach maya and maybe if ur lucky, 3ds max (Or maybe I havn't been looking properly)
  8. This kinda made me think about how I charge... I do think there should be a charge involved even during render time: It is costing electricity/wear and tear on equipment/upgrades/cost of software/premise rental, even if it is an overnight render. In the end it shouldn't be as much as your full per hr rate though. But yes, what if it is at someone else's premise though? I was working at a company and using their machines, while charging an hourly rate. Obviously therefore breaks/mealtimes are not included (they're not paying you to eat ahah). But what I did was set something to render, then go on an extended (paid) lunch break. Even, quite possibly, when there were other machines to work on... heheheh feel quite guilty now, maybe I won't do that from now on...
  9. Man, its just so cruel how u stopped it before part 3. What am i supposed to do till then.... AHHHHHHH
  10. I'm just starting out with my 3d skills. There's so many to choose from.... Here's the ones I'm interested in, and would like to know any thoughts on which one is the best ya think to specialise in, either for character animation/VFX or for motion graphics 1) Maya Havn't tried this one out, but it looks like most schools are teaching it. And it seems to nicer to look at. Is it easier to use, or is the functionality better? Most importantly, is it more popular with companies? 2) 3dsmax I know some companies do use it, but is it older and gradually being phased out? Quite complicated to use, but once I got to know it a bit better, modelling seemed easy enough. 3) Cinema 4d Actually looks like its kinda useful, even though its so easy to learn. I think 3dsmax would be better suited in terms of modelling, and this one's definetely for motion graphics, but is it actually worth buying it? Any other thoughts would be useful thanks Val
  11. "Self funded creative sabbatical" I LOVE that. I'm going to use it now. I once had to sit through an 10 min student reel. It was torture.
  12. Thanks Dan, that's where it was! Yes tried googling it, but of course, nothing
  13. Ok these are probably really dumb question, but just starting out w C4d and they're bugging me no end 1) How do you change the colour of the polygon points so they don't become invisible in the BG? 2) Is there a keyboard shortcut to the move screen tool? (The one that is on the top right of the view port)
  14. Maybe it'll be like Jumanji? I'd kill to be an extra in that movie.
  15. Apparently Ridley Scott is directing Monopoly the movie? And Oujia is being produced by Michael Bay? And Candy Land??? THE MOVIE?? Is this true???? http://www.filmgecko.com/whats-up-with-all-the-board-game-movies/ Somehow I don't think the writer's strike has ended.
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