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  1. thanks man...I'm not sure where to start. I agree about the titlecard thing; it's actually the first thing I ever tried in C4D, so I was just trying to wrap my brain around it a little at that point. I'll rock it a hell of a lot harder once I build the chops up Also, as far as mood/narrative; I thought a reel was supposed to be a representation of other projects/narratives that altogether showcase the type of work you do and your skillset, and not necessarily a narrative within itself with its own concept (although it obviously should flow as its own piece). What else should I lose? I am worried that I overloaded it with type treatments, and probably should pull things like the kaleidoscope-y shit and animated character. Also, some of the work was screencapture of flash pieces, something the viewer may need to poke around the site a little to see in action, but I felt demonstrated decent animation techniques. I'm glad you like the lightsaber dude, I almost didnt include him. I didnt shoot the video, no, I was just sent a ton of clips to insert "Ghostbusters-style" effects in. check it out here: http://vimeo.com/4023468, its pretty ridiculous. thanks again for your feedback. the socially awkward kid inside me feels a little beat up, but it's cool, he's already learning the crane moves from miyagi for next time.
  2. sure can; sorry. I'm 23, finished school with a "New Media" degree in dec. 2007, and have been working as production artist in Flash/CSS/pshop/AE/Illustrator etc for the last year +, but I really want to start focusing on mograph work, which I enjoy the most and ultimately want to do exclusively. I've been poking around looking for junior motion design gigs and finally put a site/reel together to hopefully start showing potential employers. I've only just started working in Cinema4D, which I am really loving. I'm certainly no pro, but I'm a sucker for learning and want to get into an environment that will both challenge and teach me.
  3. http://vimeo.com/5012203 feedback would be much appreciated. thanks!
  4. I'm really glad you guys dig the piece -- I did see tutorial first and decided I should give Form a try, so I started using "We Own the Sky" on some test footage to maybe use for the M83 video contest, then Dave (the director/editor) saw the test clips, got in touch and suggested we go all out and finish the thing. It turned into a weekend long Trapcode crash course to finish in time for the deadline, only do have it extended another month on the due date. We were bummed, but it did allow us to refine and add more to the finished product. again, thanks for posting this here. we are super excited about the coverage this has been getting lately as two kids just getting out of school. - Dan.
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