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  1. benek

    DoFcam for download

    Thanks guys, I'm really pleased you've taken a look and I hope it works for you... If anyone does encounter any problems with it, it would be good to know in case I decide to improve it in any way in the future.
  2. benek

    DoFcam for download

    I think I might have had this problem before when I replace the sound track in Quicktime (obviously I'm doing it wrong)... I've re-saved the whole thing again and uploaded it, so try again.
  3. benek

    DoFcam for download

    That's strange... worked fine for me. I'll re-save it and re-upload...
  4. Hi, not sure if this is of any use to anyone… I've included a link below to an Xpresso camera I made recently which I call the DoFcam. The idea is that it will adjust the camera's front and rear blur automatically depending on your camera settings and according to a real physical depth of of field formula… Cinema will use this camera information when outputting your depth map channel – just activate the Depth channel in your Multi-Pass render to use in compositing. The reason I made the DoFcam was because I wanted to output depth maps from Cinema which at least had some kind of real physical foundation. I also wanted the camera's depth/blur settings to change automatically during animation when linked to a target object. The camera itself is very simple, I've just added some user data under the heading DoFcam which includes a Target Object link (which you don't need to use if you don't want to), an f-stop parameter and 2 optional adjustment parameters. I've also made a quick video (link below) explaining the above. I've done my best to test everything works OK, but if you come across anything wrong with it, please let me know. One problem I did encounter was with the Document Scale parameter in C4D12's Project Settings. Although it doesn't appear to break the camera, I think it's best to keep this set to millimetres so that the measurements make sense… DoFcam for C4D11.5 DoFcam for C4D12 DoFcam Demonstration video Depth Map Tester Vid
  5. Good call – I didn't think of that. Just did a quick test and it works. I've got under 12 clones so it'll work fine. Thank you.
  6. Does anyone know if it's possible to assign each clone from a Cloner Object to it's own Object Buffer through Xpresso for Multi Pass rendering?
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