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  1. if i understand, I duplicate the text, make it editable and keep only the cap to use it with the object buffer. Thanks
  2. Hi to all, How is it possible to apply an Object Buffer only for CAP on MoText ? Thanks
  3. When I read your answer it seems simple. But I don't know TP well. Have you some useful links to understand how to use it easily ? Thanks
  4. RVA8: It's a good and quick way to achieve this for still image, your right, but how can I do for animation COLIN@MOVECRAFT: Really good tut, but I need bubbles on the liquid from bottom to top.
  5. Hi to all, is some one can explain me how can I add air bubbles on a bottle on C4D? Thanks
  6. I think it's still difficult to find professional resources on the web like you can find for an app like C4D: cf example: 80 C4D tutorials All this tutorials give you a great professional result to master C4D. For Blender, it's different. I have learnt Blender, I like the shortcuts on Blender for modeling, and they become quickly intuitive. But to learn how to master rig light (car light, day light, ...) or materials and textures really you must to find by yourself. Many tutorials have a "how to use" point of view, not "how to achieve". For example, Vray, 3ds, C4D or Maya have a tone of great step by step practical free tutorial on the web to finalize professional results. Personnally, I would like to use Blender for broadcasting composition, but actually I can't achieve cute result like with C4D. Example: rendering seems to have grain, reflexions are every time to matt ... I hope to find one day this resource for Blender.
  7. I think Blender seems difficult because there is a lack of professional user tutorials. Many of the tutorials you can find have been done by amateur. There is no step by step tutorial to final render like you can find for other professional 3D apps. How to do lighting, texturing, .... it's really difficult to find something like you can find for C4D, 3DS or Maya.
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