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  1. Hey All, Sorry for being absentee yesterday, sadly work got in the way of fun personal projects. Thanks for such great feedback and a big array of advice! I have played with Voxel plugin before but my machine is a little awful so it would probably kill it. Also I'll be working with an illustrator friend of mine so the After Effects based solutions will definitely be a better solution for me. We're looking to make a funsize Christmas short animation as an excuse to get working together so fingers crossed we get it done and I'll post back here with the results!
  2. Hi All, I'm trying to create an old school Snes/Megadrive style animation but am struggling to get the effect. I know classically it's done by drawing individual sprites to animate but in the below example all the movement seems too fluid to have been done this way If you have any advice on creating the above style that'd be amazing as I'm slightly lost and it's pretty far from my comfort zone. I'll just be animating it with a friend supplying illustrations. Thanks for any help!
  3. That's amazing, thank you! Exactly what I was looking for. Looking forward to getting back and putting this into action.
  4. Hi mographers, I wanted to ask if anyone knows a way to take a group of objects and assign a selection of textures randomly to the objects? essentially I have lots of blocks and about 3 different shades of gray that I want to randomly assign to them. Same as when you drop to objects into a cloner and the clones are randomly made up of the different objects. Thanks for any help!
  5. They are cool! I wish I was doing stuff as good as that in my student days! I don't think I even discovered After Effects until last few months of third year.
  6. @Castro Those T4 stings are really cool. I've been interested in this style for a while but just had no idea where to start. On a side note are these officially for T4? I just started working for Princess (the production company that makes T4) last week so I'm sure I'll see them this end!
  7. Hi, Sorry I've not been on for a while and only just saw the extra replies. Thanks so much for sharing how you did it, it's a really pleasing style and I wanted to do some experiments with it but just couldn't get anything looking right! Crastro - That vid is awesome, a really nice feel to it!
  8. Thanks for the advice, I always try and over complicate things and forget that so much is/can be done in post. I'm just starting to educate myself in grading and post production and so far to me it's magic, can entirely change the mood of a piece of work and up the quality massively
  9. Hey people, I absolutely love these idents of Animal Planet, I've been doing my own project recently in Cinema but always struggle with lighting. The lighting in the idents above is amazing and I just wondered if anyone could give me a pointer in replicating it? Mostly the glare of the bright light that comes from the top right? Thanks! Si
  10. Cheers for the general advice, specially about how jobs are advertised. I'm not necessarily looking for freelance work, in an ideal world I would get a permnanet job and sponsored be that at a junior level or perhaps middleweight if I have reached that point. As I wouldn't be looking to move for at least 6 months (saving) that also gives me good time to work on the reel. I do have one but it needs freshening up. I was wandering about getting in touch with studios beforehand so I will definitely take that advice on board! It's really interesting to hear what you guys have to say about this so I appreciate the responses.
  11. Hi Everyone, I've always wanted to work in the USA but after lots of research I am just baffled about the best way of getting out there...visas/job searching and all of that. As I am from the UK though I can get a years work visa in Canada and was thinking of saving up some money and heading out that way in 6 months or so. I've always wanted to travel but worry that if I took a year out of the industry I'd get behind so want to travel through work. I guess I just wondered what the motion graphics scene was like out there? I've also heard that job hunting works differently over there, much less advertising on job sites and a lot more word of mouth/checking designers sites (not that I don't do that in the UK). Essentially if anyone could shed some light or share any interesting stories about setting up as a mograph artist in a new country? I'm a Junior at my current company as well so wondering if that would be a major hindrence? Cheers, looking forward to reading any responses Si ps. Sorry it said error when I posted and ended up posting twice!
  12. ah man my first job straight out of uni was doing this exact type of work, I thought 'at least I'm using After Effects'. I lasted 3 months doing about 15 a day on minimum wage....those were the dark days, glad I saw the light eventually!
  13. Ah thanks BigMucho. I haven't used sketch and toon before but that is certainly the effect I'm trying to achieve. I'm excited to give it a go now!
  14. That would work for just an outline around the edge but what about inner details? I've got close with a fresnel shader but it still looks messy. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  15. Hey people, I've got a question regarding a technique I've used in 3ds max and how to do it in Cinema 4d. I created the following video where the 3d icons come on from the right side, as they rotate they have a white outline that when facing the camera it doesn't show. This was done by creating a duplicate, reversing the normals and scaling it up a bit. I wonder if you could help me out with getting the same effect in Cinema? I'm struggling! Here's the vid, I did copy at the right time but it hasn't worked, the part I'm talking about is about 35 seconds in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r85Bt55mA0&feature=player_detailpage#t=33s Thanks in advance!
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