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  1. I'm sure Marc Z and gang have promoted it plenty on the slack, which I imagine is the most relevant place to do it. But... I guess many of us are too busy being on the slack. What I'm saying is we're too cool for you. (Not me though. I actually initiated a #mographdotnet channel on the slack, which is a ghost town but whatever.)
  2. Motion is going to make a comeback, I can feel it! Apple will finally care about being competitive in the creative software market again.
  3. Hey -gl, try this expression in your mask path already animated with keyframes. It worked for me. slider = (slider); kf = key(1).time; kl = key(numKeys).time; kt = linear(slider, 1, 100, kf, kl); valueAtTime(kt)
  4. What do you mean hadn't stopped?
  5. Nice link adam. Also, nice script blast frame. Both of those are very useful. Even if I know a lot of the code they are using, it's nice to see different ways to use it. And a script to make it faster. Though, a particular-like mograph cloner plugin would still be crazy useful, because hundreds of layers with expressions still brings AE to a grinding halt (thank goodness for the coming separation of render/UI threads). Add ways to have different clone groups, effectors, etc. and you'd have a plugin that would probably sell like crazy. And while I'm dreaming, I'd like a pony.
  6. Could you use CC Force Motion Blur? I just used it on your project and it looked as good as regular motion blur, but not messed up.
  7. Eh... I'm not really that important. I just whine most of the time. And it's probable that all he can really say is just "fill out that dang feature request form already!"
  8. Whoa, cool. Downloading now. I only wonder if there are issues with layer order while certain things are shy, like when you normally shy things. But I'm definitely going to try it out.
  9. Hey Todd, I just wanted to ask before I submitted this feature request. Is there a difference in priority between a feature request that is really more a fix and a feature request that is a brand new thing? Take mine for example: When you select keyframes from multiple layers and copy and paste, AE ignores the keyframe selection and just pastes new layers, which is frustrating when you have so many keyframes to copy and paste. I think it would be more intuitive and very useful if AE would paste the selected keyframes on all the respective properties on the multiple layers. Also, when you select a range of keyframes from multiple properties and use the keyframe assistant to time-reverse them, the keyframes are reversed but only between the first and last keyframes selected on each individual property. I think it would also be more intuitive and very useful if, instead, they are all reversed between the first and last keyframes of the entire selection. Because you are probably wanting to reverse the keyframes of the entire animation, not the local animation on each track. Probably. That's how I think, anyway. Anyways, these are small workflow fixes, which probably wouldn't take too long. I'll submit them, but I guess I don't feel like I have any hope of seeing these changes soon since they aren't big requests like the ones at the top of your list. Edit: I mean, keyframe-able shape/mask vertices would be great too, but I'm sure that takes longer. Oh and speed. Definitely like speed.... Oh, and...
  10. This post is way funnier now that I can read the whole thing in Binky's voice. Also, there are so many things I wish ILLUSTRATOR could do more like cinema 4d when drawing curves. They finally made that corner-to-curve chamfer thingy which is great except for when those corner dots take up all the space and you can't click on anything else.
  11. Actually, you can open a closed path in AE. You just have to select the two adjacent points you want to open, and then right click, and click on 'closed.' Took me a while to figure that out. For some reason it's not very intuitive, but there you go.
  12. I get around the bug by not doing any animation before one second into the comp, and by putting my ram preview in point always one second before what I actually want to see. It's a bit of a pain, but I don't notice it much now that I'm used to it. It'll just be another pain unlearning the habit once the bug is fixed.
  13. Yeah, I used total finder before because it added color back into the finder icons and added tabs to the finder. Now that you can have tabs natively, and it looks like TF doesn't add color to the Yosemite icons, it doesn't seem as worth it.
  14. Great thread. Especially since now I'm in a similar boat. Thanks for digging this up. I guess I should dig around the archives for all the great advice. Maybe we could start a thread that links to the best stuff.
  15. Yes, it plays fully when it loops.
  16. So I upgraded to Yosemite already on both my old Mac Pro (2009ish) and my new one. Now whenever I ram preview in AE the video stays frozen for exactly one second and then starts playing in real-time. The audio plays back just fine. This happens on both my macs, no matter how many or how few layers there are in AE. Anyone else have this problem? Anyway, I already filed a report. I was just curious if anyone else had this issue. I know I jumped the gun a bit on upgrading to the new OS. I blame my coworkers for sucking me into their overeager-to-upgrade state. My quiet voice of concern was pretty easily drowned out. Whatever.
  17. Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack this thread. But I looked all over for examples of machines connected to a nMP server through IP over Thunderbolt, and finally found this: http://virtuacomputers.com/ip-over-thunderbolt-bridge/ In case this is helpful. Still have no idea if you can daisy chain computers to the server tho.
  18. I guess the biggest temptation to try to network Macs with thunderbolt is to get 10gbe speeds without paying for $1000 cards/adapters. Also, intel is expanding TB networking to PCs? I guess? Maybe through adapters? But thanks for the suggestion. I'm looking into QNAP right now. So, I guess the Thunderbolt solution is a DAS, and what you're talking about is NAS... are NAS systems faster in general that DAS systems?
  19. Speaking of the New Mac Pro, my boss is looking to upgrade all our computers soon, and the Apple Store business team introduced him to the idea of a network of Mac Pros and iMacs all networked together through Thunderbolt cables to a Mac Pro server hooked up to a Pegasus raid. According to the Apple people, lots of smaller shops are doing this to get fast speeds without shelling out for fibre. Have you heard about this? Do you think it's a good idea?
  20. I've had the same problem before. I had guessed that C4D was just screwy and the straight vs. premultiplied settings were reversed or something. If I unchecked straight and then interpreted it as straight in AE it worked just fine. I dunno, maybe there is something I was missing.
  21. Thanks for the advice, everyone. I'll definitely take it to heart. I've already been looking into painting compositions, and I'll definitely see if I can spend time on subtractive composition (photography) and copying others compositions to study them. And building a complex thing for a camera to move in sounds good too. Also silatix, making sure the elements support the concept is definitely important, though that's been why sometimes it's hard to choose secondary elements. But I'll work on making better lists. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it. Jim
  22. So I have been doing mograph work for about 8 years now. I am almost completely self taught (I went to school for film). I've read design books, animation books, watched a ton of motion graphics, and now I'm even learning to draw. I think I've come pretty far since I began this route. But I find my designs are still very simple, even simplistic. One key element and maybe one bg element. One typeface, maybe two. I use kuler to choose colors, so I only have 3 hues and 2 extra shades. I even feel I create very limited animation since there are only so many elements to animate. For some reason it's been hard to get my brain beyond such simplicity. I see so many examples of complex designs in motion graphics with lots of secondary elements and movement, but I don't want to just copy those, I want my brain to get the theory so I can create my own complex designs and animation. Is there some sort of way to learn this? To get myself to think in terms of more complex designs? Is there some sort of theory, method, or process that will help me move beyond simple compositions and elements? I'd really appreciate your feedback. Thanks, Jim
  23. Thanks Rich, Yeah, these are the kind I am looking for. I was thinking there were examples that were even more confined to a central circle, but I forgot that the Waiting for Superman was so close to that. There are still some examples I'm looking for, like some quick number builds for some festival, etc. So far I've found a few that more or less illustrate what I'm looking for. Base80, these are the closest I have found. Like this, but less character based. Like this, but more complicated design and more fun, snappier animation builds. Basically these, though. Anyway, I guess these are okay for now. I was just hoping to find the better ones that I know I've seen somewhere. Thanks everyone.
  24. Hey guys, just a a quick question. I'm trying to search for examples of mograph. You know, the kind where there are small vignettes centered in the screen that build and morph from one to another in quick succession. Is there a name for these? Do we need a bigger vocabulary in our industry so we can search for things quickly? Please help. Thanks! Jim
  25. Okay Todd, I admit, a lot of this is pretty cool. Nice work.
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