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  1. Alrighty, here's a little test. Saw a great video using ink on vimeo and it got me inspired to have a mess around.
  2. cheers, will have a look at that.
  3. any advice on how to end the music, I alway struggle with little things like that. Im working in Premiere. the glitch effect (little jump cuts) probably don't work properly- will look at that. there is a natural pause in the music, but i might edit it out.
  4. Hi this is the first cut of my reel, before I grade and tidy up I would love some feedback. http://www.vimeo.com/16502234
  5. jogarra

    Opinions wanted

    ok, thanks for that. I'll have a look at the moves. dunno about filling the comp with the photo/footage, but I see what you mean about the camera needing to be more dynamic. i
  6. jogarra

    Opinions wanted

    Cheers for the input. Definately going to change bird plop reveals.
  7. jogarra

    Opinions wanted

    Nope built it from scratch. The bird shit is stock though agreed some section work better than others
  8. jogarra

    Opinions wanted

    Damn your the second person who has said that to me. I was just using the paint to reveal the illustrations over the footage. Maybe if lose gull and splat sound effects I'll get away with it
  9. jogarra

    Opinions wanted

    Hi there, I was commissioned to produce animation for Jersey Tourism, highlighting the German Fortification during the WW2 in Jersey. Although the animation has been signed off by the client, I'd still very much like some feedback on what people think of animation. http://www.vimeo.com/14854082 cheers
  10. Ollie your profile picture is ridiculous. You can use any of the g-nation stuff, you storyboarded and directed anyway. I'm gonna put the mountain shot in my reel when i actually pull my finger out.
  11. jogarra

    work examples

    Haven't been to this forum for a while. Currently I'm a freelance motion designer based in the channel isles, i also dabble in video work, just cleaned up my website. Feel free to take a look at my motion stuff. Any feed back, negative or positive is great. motion work Sorry I'm sure you would rather just look at a reel, but that is a work in progress. cheers
  12. Hi All, Just made a new website and reel, opinions creately appriciated, I haven't built a website before so, nor do consider myself a web desginer... Anyway let me know what you like or dislike(hate) Cheers www.jimandtonic.co.uk
  13. http://www.vimeo.com/4626639 password: webtv I've just put together ident for a start up company, specialising in online vids, They dont have a brand guide line as yet, and were just looking for some ideas. let me know what you think. cheers
  14. designed everything, apart from the logos i think. Agreed, I hate the logo reveals, there gone
  15. Hi there, I put together a rough cut of my showreel a little while ago, personally I'm not happy with it. Currently doing some new work and shortening the reel. I would be interested to know what people like and dislike about it. Feedback welcome postive or negative. http://www.vimeo.com/3595390 pasword: chimpy sorry password protected as i'm not sure i have permission for all of the footage yet. don't want to piss anyone off
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