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  1. BTang

    BTang Reel

    Hello! Check out my new reel. Enjoy! -BTang
  2. Check out the re-edit. I like this one a lot better.
  3. Hello people from mograph, I recently posted my rough reel couple weeks ago. Here is a new cut and new music. I am graduating from art institute of Pittsburgh and I only have a couple weeks left. Please give me feedback. Thank you everyone BTang_Rough Reel sound designed by: Combustion Edit* Here is my other cut. I put more of the good pieces in the beginning. The sound design is little off so just critique the edit. BTang_Rough_Reel_2
  4. Hey thanks for the support. I'm actually planning to move to the LA area in 2 months. I would appreciate if you can connect me with any contacts you may have there. I just watched your reel, it's solid. Thanks -BTang
  5. Hi everyone! I am a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I'm going to graduate in 2 months. Please give me feedback on the cut, audio, and work. Thank you everyone for your time. -BTang Version 1 audio by: Flying Lotus - Camel Rough Reel_ver. 1 Version 2 sound designed by: Combustion Rough Reel ver. 2
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