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  1. Hey Sf - thanks for the words. The um's - your totally correct. I really wanted to give the reel a face - and through a lot of awkward filming, I got the end result - it was super difficult to be in the camera which explains the ummmms. In all this I have realized I am not one for the camera ; The audio was a difficulty and my audio guy did wonders with it ...so you can imagine how it was! Thanks for the compliments..I really appreciate people taking time to let me know how it sits and what can be bettered... thanks!
  2. I usually break down each task price wise rather a general quote for the whole project- this way also helps you estimate how much time it will take for each section. For a recent quote I broke the project into pieces : storyboarding , character design,backgrounds, animatic This was just the beginning but I can then estimate how much time each will take & how much I will charge per hour. You are wearing many hats as a freelancer - thats the whole aspect of freelancing people love to hate - charge what works for you..not sure about your region but ask around locally to see what the studios are charging. Oh also invoice in pieces - when completed one aspect of the project - invoice and get payment, and include 1 set of revisions in payment - after this charge! I have had clients be easy as pie throughout project - then the revisions come and 6 months later - you realize your working for $1.50 per hour based on revisions... hth
  3. Hi Ruchir, I like your work - plus the presentation is really nice and different...the audio works but I would get something a bit more upbeat to beat to the cuts. Nice work!
  4. Ha - I also used Junior Boys on my reel - In the Morning..would be awesome to see in concert..luck-y
  5. Hey Glenn, Thanks for sharing your reel. Your creativity was evident with the presentation and I liked your music. The feedback I would give on the reel is to make it tighter, and remove the duplications of work..just keep building your portfolio - I run into the same thing with my illustrations - I need to add to them despite painting/drawing for years..its just creating something to add... Its ok for the demo to be short and sweet..leave 'em wanting more. -tim
  6. Really good work - Loved the audio you chose - some great pieces...my only crit for the demo would be some faster cuts/edits - maybe cut out a bit of the work that is similar..best kept under 2 min (2:16 right?) Overall , I think its a great job - good luck!
  7. Thanks! Glad it loaded well..thanks for the compliments too- I wanted to try a different format after being on the other end of viewing reels for years ..so thought I would try this approach.. -tim
  8. Hey Jonathan, Great site - I really like your site - it loads super quick and look slick. Great choice of audio and really solid good quality work presented. Really well edited - short and sweet demo - I like it. You About button isn't working but I figure your working on the it still...good job! -tim
  9. thanks!! i am calling my host to see what the heck is going on - I have had a lot of folks tell me its all good playing well and all but a few (see above) say it isn't ..The only bottleneck is my host - so they are going to deal with it. I work all in firefox so it wouldn't be this but appreciate the idea. -tim
  10. It has a flash detector so if you don't have the latest flash player - it will detect and tell you to download it...its in flash 10 - so it takes just a minute to update..should take you there. -tim
  11. Thanks a lot! Good idea on the only work demo in addition - makes real sense. I am looking into the slow pages - don't want it slow at all. I appreciate the critique as well as the compliment - I knew this sort of demo was different and wanted to mix it up a bit but never wanted pretention anywhere near this so I appreciate your comments. thanks! -tim
  12. Thanks Dan, I'll look into the performance - everything is pretty small but again - I'll take another look. I'm going to note all of these points - really appreciate it. -tim
  13. Thanks! I really appreciate the critiques - Everything you said was def. noted and appreciated! -tim
  14. I'm an animator/artist and have a new demo/portfolio. Check out my new demo/portfolio - it's got a bit of lifestyle added in for good measure! Hope you like www.linklater.ca Thanks! -tim :: Tim Linklater :: tim@linklater.ca :: Linklater.ca
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