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  1. Hey guys! Does anyone know how these background particles would have been made? it seems like a hand made 10 second loop??? just wanting to replicate the random nature of the bubbles and squares.. any help would be much appreciated!!!
  2. any other comments? could i summoned the reel guru blinky? its hard being the only motion designer in the studio.. i only have punters telling me what they think.
  3. Thanks Daveglanz! I'm glad you had fun watching my reel! i had fun making it! i saw your reel getting reviewed on greyscale the other day. Its awesome! It has that playful edge i try to put into all my work. is their any particular sections that bother you? Thanks again for you time!
  4. Hey guys. Looking for some constructive criticism on my latest reel. http://www.vimeo.com/7527464 Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey! I'm Glad my reel had that effect on you. i do love what i do, and i strive to make my graphics light a fun. When you say things can be refined allot more.. could you elaborate a little.. do you think my work needs more depth, complexity or pace? Thanks!!
  6. Thanks Jamie! yeah i agree the running man should be cut shorter (any other specific clips you cut/fix up?).. I think after working on something for so long you tend to loose sight of what is making/breaking the reel. do you have any of your stuff online i could take a look at? Thanks again!!
  7. Hello and Thanks for the feedback!! when you say develop my animations and key frames do you mean revise the current content? (anything in particular) or fix up the cut timing? Thanks again!!
  8. hello all. well i just found this site... and i must say im VERY excited to connect with other motion graphic designers. i would love to hear your feed back on my reel, being the sole designer in my production house good, constructive criticism (from a trained eye) is hard to come by!! http://vimeo.com/4488289
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