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  1. Here's the strange this about that, is that the knife won't cut all the way across the back horizontally, in any mode. I can slice down the side, but not the back for some reason. I closed the polygon with the Close Polygon Hole command.
  2. Take a look at the screenshot, in the Right View, I'm trying to get that curve of the case, but I'm not sure how to curve that entire section, with the back plane as well. Do i have to do each point individually? Here's the screenshot: http://www.dropmocks.com/mBnGtF
  3. I'm using C4D R13, and am just starting out with this great world of 3D. I'm quickly running into a problem. Here's the is screenshot: http://cl.ly/2B3i2B3f0r432f0o1l3N I can't figure out out to just get the iPhone as the only object on the alpha channel, while keeping the floor reflections, so I can put text behind the phone. I'm working in After Effects to composite. In the picture you can see that It's exporting the floor as well. How can i export the iPhone object as the only object on the alpha channel but retain the floor and reflections?
  4. Well by golly, that'll do it. Another question for your C4D genius. Is there a way to make the default view aligned or rotated so the Z axis is front to back? Just a way to change the default starting view?
  5. Is there a way to not have to do this with every solid going to AE?
  6. Thanks Mylenium, however, i'm still having the problem of havin gthe solid properly import into AE. Is there a way in C4D to do something, besides rotate all my solids going to AE 90 degrees, to get them to light up correctly?
  7. Hey Nick, one more thing, after I imported it into AE, the solid is not being blocked by the rest of the ipad as it spins around. This is the back view, and it shouldn't be showing as it is the screen. Thoughts? http://i53.tinypic.com/280migy.jpg - Here's the screenshot
  8. Bam! That's it! Thanks! What can I do in C4D to make sure these import correctly each time? Other than manually adjusting them in C4D and dealing with how off it looks.
  9. I've applied the proper tags in C4D for export to AE, but my solid is perpendicular to where it should be in AE. Here is a screen shot: http://img229.images...wc4d0000000.jpg How can I fix this? I'm sure it's something i've missed in C4D, but just don't know where, and it appears fine in C4D. The solid is supposed to be the screen.
  10. Something to keep in mind here if you're using Premiere: By building a Hackintosh you can use higher end Nvidia cards that allow the use of the Mercury Playback Engine in CS5. I have a hackintosh and love it, but I still love windows, so it gives me real dual boot options.
  11. I'm 26 and have been doing motion graphics and video editing recreationally for about 10 years, but I'm humbling myself and realizing that I don't actually know design that well. I've been obsessed with what software and hardware people are using rather than the process of how they actually make their media. What are some good resources for someone like me to start learning solid design principles?
  12. What is the difference/benefit between a PSD or TIFF sequence vs. a TGA sequence?
  13. Thanks guys, the red area is only there as a placeholder for after effects, it will be replaced. In cases like this, is it better to do a gray or more neutral color to render it out since it doesn't matter and going to make composited out in AE anyway?
  14. Noob here, here is my animation: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid615523982001?bctid=650949079001 i know it's low quality, i rendered it small to save time, it pretty much looks like that on the local machine. how can i get the edges of the screen (on the inside, red edges) and the shadows to not be so juddy? I can't quite seem to find the right setting to smooth those edges out as it rotates.
  15. sweet, that makes alot of sense! thanks!
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