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  1. If you are interested in this kind of effect, I did 2 tests. First one with Illustrator and After Effects, using the kitkats'technic, it's very hard to manipulate and very long : http://vimeo.com/4930908 Second one with Flash (traditional animation) and after effects. It's more acurated to what I wanted and it didn't took me that long but you need some drawing and animation skills : http://vimeo.com/6476702 Hope it'll help
  2. Hey, thanks for the accurated answers ! I did a design and I'll try to animate it and post it there, soon.
  3. Hi everybody ! I'm new to after effects and I was wondering how can I do this kind of animation : http://espenja.com/mov/kindergarten.mov I know that it could be done in flash but what about after effects ? Any thoughts ? Thanks (and sorry for my crap english)
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