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  1. I really liked your compositions and animations! the pace of the reel for me was a bit too slow though, like the others said, maybe a more energetic song? But overall i like your style. Keep it up.
  2. Hey, First off, one thing i can tell you is that you should NEVER take critism to heart, i mean i learned (and ive been in the industry for only a year) that its a cutthroat one.) Work is work, its never anything personal. Take in the advice from other artists and learn from it. On a side note, i watched your real and honestly, Despite its "abstractness", it was ok. I got nothing bad to say about it. So with that, chill out. No one here means any harm.
  3. theurbanchild

    New Reel 09

    that was inspiring brolly. all of it was well executed. Inspiring indeed!
  4. Hey, that was a trip! i loved how the visual aspect helped tell the story of the track. Its a nice video, the process in how you made it was interesting too. two thumbs up!
  5. You got skill kid! Good job, seems like you're having fun with what you're doing, keep it up.
  6. It loaded fine on my pc. Props to you tim. That was a nice watch.
  7. Hey guys, I've been surfing the web the whole day, and still can't find anything on the Color leaking/bleed effect.. Much like the old film look i guess? I see it being used a lot for a wide range of subjects. Here's an example of what I'm talking about (much kudos to luke.paul.trevitt for an excellent real): http://vimeo.com/4488289 At about 0:16/0:17 he uses the old film look with a yellow and red color (leak? burn?) transition. I've been trying to fiddle around AE the whole day but still can't find a nice way to pull it off. I'm almost done with a project I've been working on, I would like to add these said effects on the project before finalizing it. Here's a rough cut of what I've done so far: http://www.vimeo.com/4965167 Any comments and feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Hey guys, It's been a few weeks since i posted on my creative block. So i have followed everyone's advice and i started over again. I'm finished with the animating, but i still think it needs a little more tweaking : Regarding transitions and overall effects. I'm thinking of adding a lens flare and an old film look over everything... Also for transitions from scene to scene, i was thinking of the lomo/color overlay leak,sorry I'm not too sure on what its called, anyone know how to do this? Anyway, this is the rough cut of what I've done so far: http://www.vimeo.com/4962623 Please let me know what you guys think. Thanks!
  9. hey buddy, i liked the reel! it was a nice watch. i got a quick question though, at about 0:16/0:17 you have this color overlay old film leak type of effect (im sorry, not too sure what its called) I've been trying to apply it to something I'm currently working on, but cant find my way around it to make it look nice. I'd appreciate it if u could point me in the right direction. Thanks and good job on the reel!
  10. Thanks a bunch buddy. I get it now. haha i wasnt takin' it too literally was i? i didnt mean to haha
  11. This really helps. I appreciate it how you explain in detail how to go about my problem. Thanks, much thanks. For some reason, i feel lighter knowing all these tips you guys are giving.
  12. yeah, i find music really helps u get in the mood for any type of work. and with your process, we're in the same page.. its just lately i havent had that creative spark to get me going, also sucks workin under pressure. but hey thats how the industry goes right? haha
  13. Many thanks to all of you. Hopefully when i get back to the proj, starting fresh all your advice will come to mind. will update regarding the proj once i get back to it. thanks again
  14. This is really helpful, thanks TO ALL who posted. But SaintEfan, the way you explained it is pretty straight up. I must say i overthink things alot, its my personality, im my own worse critic. When layouting, should i consider it in 3d plane already? or just work from photoshop adding the elements behind the pics and whatnot? what would your best advice be on this? "It sounds to me like you're not so much having trouble with the process itself, but with the actual design aspect of things. You know what individual elements you'd like to include ("surf boards flowers waves palm tress etc") but don't know how to use these elements. Is this a correct assessment?" -> this is partly it, i mean i have sort of an image in my head what i would want it to turn out like, something much like the miami ink intro with my style into it... but again, how do i start it? how do i place these said elements in to the comp etc? I apologize for the noob questions, as these design related stuff were already taught to me back in college. But its nice to refreshen your mind with these things. I hope its no bother me asking you these things.
  15. .. that does make sense too. Having the last frame ready in photoshop, working backwards? it is hard figuring out how to start where to start and figuring every step after til its finished. But maybe by having an end to my intro, i can "work backwards" towards the begining. This helps alot, thank you another name. *whos Binky? and what posts are you talking about?
  16. Thats exactly my problem _gl. I mean, i have substansial skills in photoshop and other programs, but its always been a problem for me to come up with something from a blank canvas. I usually go around design sites/portfolios and research alot, but i would like to stray away from trying to copy or "immitate" of sorts you know? Like when i started this project, i did some layouts for the surfers in the "video". I had them layedout , per character, ina 720x486 canvas. I had texts all over for elements, some color overlays, a main pic and secondary pic. Then when i tried animating it, it turned out medicore. Then when i showed my boss, who gave me this exercise... he said he needs to see motion design, more elemetns mroe storytelling, etc. I mean im not taking it personally of course, i dont want it to bum me out. But i want to wow him with the next presentation. Bt hey, thanks for the advice too.
  17. I understand where you're coming from, its really tough putting stuff down on paper or photoshop or whatever.. but story boarding/sketching out, i find does help. I guess im just panicing a little and should breathe, relax and start from a fresh point of view. Thanks for the advice!
  18. Hey guys, this is my first post to mograph. i figured if i could find answers anywhere on motion graphics it would be here. Just a quick briefer about me. i start working at a motion studio about a year ago. i graduated in multimedia arts and am versed with photoshop AE etc. But recently i realized i should start stepppin up my work, personally and professionally. i have never been properly trained in ae, but i took tutorials. so now, i have been asked me to do an exercise.. making an OBB which i have already conceptualized. I have thought of making a mock up Opening title for a "Surf Video". Ihave tried a go at it, and the first one didnt turn out too well. so i have been stuck, i cant think of how to go about this project, i know everything starts with the lay outing. although i know i should add elements such as surf boards flowers waves palm tress etc amosngst the images for motion, i cant picture how to layout it in photoshop. should the canvas be 3000x3000 or 720x480, how do i start layouting.. all these questions pop into my head. I would just like to know the process in which one takes in making any type of motion project. Any help advice or suggestions would be deeply appreciated. *on a side note, ive been watching videos on other opening titles, and one that i would like to give a shot at is the opening for the MIAMI INK show. Both the old and new season. heres the link for the first season opener : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJtd-S0D5Pg heres the link for the newer season : http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...ideoid=33814774 i think you guys get the idea of what i want to do. how do i go about layouting, storytelling and animating? Also how do u get that color overlay transition effect that doesnt look too cheap. * Last side note, i have to use still images for all this. I hope to hear from you guys. Cheers to mograph! theUrbanchild //Dream to live, Live to dream//
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