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  1. Got frustrated, ended up rebuilding. Working so far. The layers that were flickering were scaled up by 150 percent. Maybe this has something to do with it. IDK, but this sucked. I didn't feel like sleeping tonight anyway. Grundly, I don't think its a processing issue. I purged everything, tried another computer, nothing worked.
  2. Same issue on the other computer. This was supposed to be a quick little thing, just extend an intro, no big deal. That was 6 hours ago. Anybody else? Thanks grundly
  3. Thanks Joe, Yeah I purged everything, restarted, got rid of the cloudlets and the shading. No dice. This is a pretty complex scene (by my standards anyway), and I can't really just copy over to a new solid. Plus its happening on multiple layers anyway. I'm at my wits end. I'm moving the files to a different computer right now and keeping my fingers crossed.
  4. Hey all, I need some help ASAP. I've got some snow falling in about 6 different particular layers, and it all glitchy popping on and off screen. I'm using a cloudlet, but switched to a sphere and had the same results. I've googled, but all I'm finding is issues with custom particles. If anybody has any insight, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm bald and haven't even got any hair to pull out...
  5. Had to weigh in... Isn't that the issue though? That we are constantly being exploited, with the cavalier attitude "it's New York." I've had to change the type of job I work because frankly I'm not willing to be exploited. But that means I can't go work at any big house, and I have to take jobs that unfortunately won't beef up my reel, and won't lead to much new work. I'm still happier than logging mandatory 12 hour days, but it's a shame that I'm unable to work to my potential because I've got a bit of dignity and self worth. It is a very slippery slope when people start acting less like workers and more like indentured servants.
  6. Thanks guys thats awesome! Fleezy, you're epic! I'm gonna follow along when I get home tonight.
  7. David, if I understand correctly, you're telling me that this was not modeled in C4D. I have no access to a modeler, so that isn't an option. Is there a workaround?
  8. I've got a model of skull Im trying to cut down a bit. I need the jaw to move independently, and I need to remove the back and cavities. Seemed simple enough. Went into polygon mode and started deleting. But eventually I noticed some of the remaining polygons were, for lack of a better description, messed up. I don't know what is wrong, and for the life of me I can't even figure out what to google. So I'm hoping somebody can take a look and let me know what's going on. BrokenSkull.c4d And if there is a better way to do what I'm doing, let me know. I can't help feeling that there is. Thanks guys!
  9. Thanks all. I think I'm going to have to go with AromaKats' solution, but only because the other two options may be above my level of comprehension. I just won't be able to get as close as I'd hoped.
  10. Long time no see, hope y'all are well. So I've got a logo which I would love to see rendered (C4D, duh.) in the form of a sew on patch. And I haven't got a clue as to how I should achieve it. Any advice? Thanks!
  11. Yeah, but how do you point the site to the image host? As far as I can tell it gives you the option to upload (which fails) or use gravatar.
  12. After a stressful hard drive failure, I've just replaced the hard drive in my computer as well as upgraded to CS5.5. So now I'm feeling almost like it's a new machine, and I'm thinking about upgrading to Lion. I'm currently running 10.5.8, and never even jumped to Snow Leopard. Any advice, thoughts, buyer beware kind of stuff? Are there programs / plugins that will fail?
  13. 2nd that. I'm happy to host my own, but no way do I want a Gravatar.
  14. not too much heavy lifting. Most complex shot I'll have is to orbit some text around a stationary ball. I like the price of pfhoe, but what are it's limitations?
  15. This brings up an interesting point. Has anybody decided to go the other way; from motion graphics to graphic design? What have been your experiences? Do you have any advice? I've found myself recently wanting the fruits of my labors to manifest themselves in some physical thing (package, product etc..), not just pixels on a screen.
  16. that "introduction" video on their site looked like straight doodoo. Looks like zaxwerks on Ae 5...
  17. Hey y'all, it sure has been a while. And check out the fancy new digs... Anyways, I have to do some 3D motion tracking. So what do you all reckon is the easiest package to learn, and use? And if you know about any particularly good training resources, would you mind sharing those as well? Also, does it play nice with C4D? I had to work with someone else's tracked footage from Boujou, last year and it was a nightmare. Eventually we found a workaround, but I'd like to avoid all that nonsense. and as an aside... How do I get my picture back? Is there anyway to do it without the gravatar account? The last thing I need is another account. Thanks all!
  18. You should toootally call your self "beer and hotwings"!!!!!!!
  19. Do you ever get tired of being thoughtful and poignant?
  20. Look I've got no misconceptions about the problems America has caused, or is currently part of. I'm not running around waving a flag in everybody's face. The fact is I agree with everything you said (save the bit about America "creating" Bin Laden, but that's not an argument I'm prepared to have). But that's what I'm getting at, we're all jaded with politics, suspicious of our governments, and perhaps rightfully so. But I feel like this a chance to put that all aside, if only for a moment, and just be happy that somebody who sought to, and did harm thousands of innocent people has paid for his crimes. At least that's how I feel, and that's all I've got to say about that.
  21. Totally unrelated. And why you can't be happy that justice was meted out in one situation, and furious about the injustice in another is beyond me. Meanwhile, I'm just genuinely psyched that the guy who fucked with the city I grew up in city got his. And you come with some with some weak ass holier-than-thou shit, "So glad I don't give a shit about politics anymore." Who's really the sheep?
  22. Jeez guys, I get the whole jaded artist thing but c'mon. The guy who was ultimately responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people just got his comeuppance. I doubt anything changes, but shit, crack a fucking smile.
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