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  1. haha - if you call good advice and a pink motif "intimidating" seems good though. I like all the unite stuff... as if we're not paid enough though. VFX needs something of a "unite!" mograph is still pretty much a decent living if you dont suck or burn out
  2. just got a refurb deal on a quad core from 2011 taking a trip but want to get in on some remote work while im away. what OS should i look to install to run my CS5 and 6 and Cinema, with a little ableton on the side... is it all gravy? will be installing everything when it arrives tomorrow... just in case theres any knowledge, i'd love to know whats good
  3. so have any of you had weirdness with precomped layers that have collapse transformations all the way down to the source files, then when there is a move on one of the outer precomps, some layers stutter or jiggle a frame? just kind of an annoying deal on what should be super simple comping of recreated UI elements made in Illustrator when i take off collapse transformations, it works as usual but without the sharpness i need...
  4. tokyo! haha, well tokyo might sound cool, and there may be a few decent paying but fairly conventional jobs art directing at japanese branches of major international corporations but... its a long story, and there are a few people here doing well, mainly japanese nationals. the language and culture barriers are for real. i'm doing ok, but pay and design styles and work styles / client relations are different. i'm here with my wife who wnts to be by a sick fam member, so thats mainly why we remain. its only been a yr but i'm def thinking hard about getting back to west coast living at some point. definitely visit japan though, its a trippy place. just not super ideal or comfortable to work in unless its an international company or you reaaaaaaaally "love" japanese culture and want a high dose of it by living/working here. that said, i had no trouble finding work right away. its just hard to pull away from 50k/yr here as staff (i've just double dipped like a mofo but almost lost my will to turn on a computer in the process) , and a lot of people hover more around 25-40k, and the cost of living isnt cheap hehe thats all i can say without saying too much. you're on the right track thinking of ways to expand your life experience with your portable design skills
  5. i think like with pollock, especially in that time, you're buying a narrative and buying into the creator as well. what working in somewhat derivative territory does is weaken some of that originality position where you have to sell yourself a little more to make up, or come with something novel in that well worn style. pollock was doing "new" stuff so he could stand out more maybe at first. now try doing that shit. but thats the thing, flexing technique is often a sure way to date your stuff. thats why lots of whats on vimeo feels like watching someone else work out.
  6. motivation power and style power are key, but once you have those locked and loaded, you might need more power than mac mini server
  7. whats the context?
  8. for me it comes down to the value of the content and experience you are providing. the infographic/cute influenced stuff works best when theres a story or some novel, freakonomics-esque, as yet un-juxtaposed or not well known, metrics or information. when its just a word, like this example, it feels a little like a glorified test. or if its for an event or a longer form content, then as a title i guess it could still work. but these as standalones, without something unique to convey, are just iterations of the style and maybe function more as the artist putting this style on his menu. that said, for me, more and more im seeing imagery thats kind of jealous and not really offering anything uplifting, as well as some really clever, often funny stuff that cheers me up. the jealous visuals are kind of like a buff guy just flexing his muscles. been loving books and music as mediums lately that just offer the end user more freedom of imagination. like was said above, motion graphics are often in the category of short lived pop art, that because we care, we elevate it, but as a medium, it doesnt tend toward depth or repeat use. its interesting to look at the differences and similarities to chefs, fashion industry people. regular old filmmakers, musicians, comedians... some overlap and some ways that are different. our connection to the ad biz pays off well financially, but can be a mind fuck creatively because the medium we work in just happens to work in that disposable modality, and maybe deep down we want to create deeper experiences and do things more from the heart, but the medium is people selfishly browsing the web, especially away from shorts film fests with nice loud sound in a dark room. for me with my beats, i always love to see when friends have downloaded them and been able to experience life colored by my tunes, not just clicking through a few times at their desk (Edit: but im not ready to give up mograph)
  9. i would say no. to me it seems like its people who were fans of JR Canest's awesome inforgraphic work for buck for the "Waiting for Superman" doc - (dont agree with that film 100% but thats another story) then theres kind of the me too aspect, plus the fun of animating this kind of thing and AE shape layers becoming noticed and understood by more, and kind of the ease, with a bit of design ability, to make nice, "fresh" looking work that people will give props for, and boom, the style exponentially blows up seems like it still comes down to how to create something that resonates with people on more levels than beauty. the beauty level can get you really far, but to stand out from the decent but not great masses that have the same tools and dont suck bad enough to make throwaway garbage, seems like having some emotional hooks is the way to go. and abstraction is the enemy of emotion hooks most of the time, unless you have a cool way to pull it off i wouldnt say its in that style, but i loved that short "to do list" that bounced around a month or two ago, was refreshing in more ways than just style/execution but yeah, duly noted, this style is getting flogged, and im already feeling bad for some trim paths action ive perpetrated this last yr. glad i dont have a portfolio full of C4D shatters, but on the other hand, who cares. I've had a great time making music this last half year, i'm kind of enjoying having some non mograph passions again.
  10. yeah i wish i would have archived those. suuper inspiring and well done do guys like that usually pencil their motion and then use flash for cleanup? the kung fu fire is dope. i remember noticing they had a really cool illustrated style for flashback scenes. maybe i should go check out the thai dudes tutorial i had loaded up before i got super busy.
  11. nice work, i like your AE work as well as your 3D stuff, nice to see. the little 2D characters at the beginning are rad man i love guatemala also, beautiful country and i swear some of the nicest people in the world. are you in the capital or antigua, and you didnt happen to be at that first metallica concert ever in guate a couple of yrs ago? that was awesome, i wish i had a decent camera phone, would have been a great short film i was thinking as i got super drunk and full on street beers and street tacos on that road leading the stadium. i had to mention that, one of the best memories of my life cheers man
  12. loved it. the intro bit alone was genius. i think it worked great, was hella funny, had some variety between verses. and yourself and the musicians came out looking good nicely done
  13. just want to add after just starting to look at the making of, linked off of motionographer i think these titles are badass and a nice contrast to the understated (relative to other hollywood thrillers maybe?) look and feel of the film. sure theres some intense shit, but the way its shot and colored almost feels indie. except for that insane title sequence. i like that it starts that way, and then gets all european and muted and live action-y plus its dope to see this kind of conceptual non promotional shit done at nice high rez and film out'ed - just looks badass. i mean i love danny younts stuff also, but this was just some crazy cracked out macho shit that like i said above, to me, didnt get full vin diesel douche all over itself. sorry to double post. just had that come to mind
  14. edit: i thought it looked really dope btw that said, like everyone has said, it didnt really have a clever flow to it. in a way this is where the 3 minute song and abstract graphics don't always work well together. over here in asia, its almost unthinkable to have a music video not show the artists at least partly. but the nice thing about that constraint is it breaks up the monotony of the 1-3 looks you might have for your alternate worlds. over here there are still 10-30k music videos going around quite a bit, but you guys would probably think a lot of it cheesy enough for a las vegas bridal show compared to some of the top stuff on motionographer. i still feel like what chris said, that people in mograph should think of themselves as filmmakers. then we have to confront the challenge of creating a compelling flow of something, just inventing the next look - unless you want your work to be just that, mograph porn and not a lot more. even if its repetitive for 90% of it, some of the better MV directors make themselves look cool with sometimes just something happening at the end to kind of make it feel like it all was meant to be - at least in memory. chris is super keyed into if something makes you want to change the channel - i get that. but to me thats sad also, so for me, splitting the difference is trying to have something dope come of all the lingering stuff to being it home and sell yourself on conceptual skill as well as a nice compositing/render style keep it up though - the gross impact of the look you had going was dope
  15. this makes me think of tattoers. the classy tattoer friends of mine would hate directly ripping something, and some meight even hate being forced use a certain style from a direct reference. but that begs the question, what is the job of a tattoer, especially when we walk in there with our little non-professional tattoer idea of whats cool with our $250 and naive sense that, this is gonna be really cool. the kids learning thing makes sense, but some folks just dont care or know that its slippery stuff and we all see the same stuff, and its a short trip to the not-hire bin based on blatant ripoffness. the first slide of pirate bays peter sunde little talk at Wired 2011 conference starts with "i copy, therefore i am" - personally, not sure i like the word copy, its lazy and plagiaristic and not leading edge.
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