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  1. Please have a look at my new showreel. Your comments are more than welcome. Thank you
  2. http://bit.ly/18N1zV2 - on behance Art Direction: Artem Ludyankov 3D & Motion design: Alexey Polevoy Artem Ludyankov Vadim Natsibulin Maxim Mahrov Sound design: Sergey Dudakov
  3. yes I know Silatix. But everybody have sometime projects that you couldn't put to portfolio. just job. But even this job i think should be more or less good looking. That's why I asked you guys. Of course I'm not going to put this work to my portfolio)
  4. Thank you guys. Sometimes I have so many projects and tight deadline, so I loose sense of what is really bad or what could be ok.
  5. Please have a look on my wip project for one tv channel in russia. This will be tv show about masters, artisans. Tell me what do you think. Is it worth to finish it or it looks quite cheesy.
  6. https://vimeo.com/53225039 Short animation. Living colors. Research about colors in video, optical illusions, how it affect our mind. Idea for this short video based on jungle, wild nature. I choose jungle theme because is more fantastic world inside our world. It contain a lot of animals which we never see in our life, in our environment. But at same time is our world. All these animals exist on our planet. It could be beautiful and terrifying, very relaxed or extremely wild. I found it interesting parallel with my research. Do we able to see unusual things in our life? Our mind so adopted to see just what we have to see, so sometime we lost a lot of interesting things around us. In our logical, reasonable world we lost ability to see beauty around us. But my project not about this only. It's more about human mind, vision. How we see and how it affect us. In this short animation I try to find the way how to create direct communication on sensual level not logical. Because a lot of objects we see is not looks like we see them. Our mind constantly manage scenes we see and adopt it to more appropriate way for us. If person is in dead danger situation sometimes his vision become black and white for moment. It's a lot another examples how it works. Optical illusion exist by the same reason. Because our mind is trying to adopt picture for us. We see what we expected to see. In this video I create surreal environment which should affect viewer mind in different way, not the same as cinema. I'll try to create feeling without storytelling without logical scenario. Just using visual tools and our perception. Perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information. So as we have limited amount of senses, we can build our opinion about this reality just based on these senses. And most important is vision and hearing.
  7. Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. I really appreciate your comments, especially about editing. Because I'm not specialising in this. I agree about Intro graphic with my name. I spent on it about 30 minutes, because I had to finish and show this reel. It's not excuse and I will do it again. Also I will think about shots you mentioned to cut off from showreel. It's always valuable to hear different opinions, especially from professional guys. Sometimes it's difficult to define which project is better, because you did it and can't look at it from outside. About music I agree with you partly. I know that music you mentioned, is more diverse and has more points for editing. But I feel that this kind of music fits more to my projects and I don't wanna be as one from million of similar showreels. Basically you can't remember sometime which showreel you watched because most of designers use this kind of "industry standarts" tracks. But I agree that track I choose is not perfect, and I'll try to find better one for next edition of my reel. Thank you again for your time and really smart comments.
  8. https://vimeo.com/15791352 Hello guys, Check out my new reel please. All feedbacks are welcome. thanks
  9. artem

    I need your opinion

    thank you for your comments. it's funny because at first I made camera movements continiously, but decided it's too simple and change. May be I come back to my first video.
  10. Good work, congrats. I like your 2d works style.
  11. Hello guys, Please check my recent project, still in progress. This part is just a small peace of final project. Now we are testing concept and idea. That's why I need your professional opinion. What you think, what's wrong, what's good. Please, I need it asap. This project can be translated as Country ru, and this a series of tv programms about interesting places in Russia, like reserved areas, museums, famous squares etc. Thanks https://vimeo.com/43389150
  12. I think it's good. But I agree that for this reel intro is quite long. Also I was expecting to see more 2d design works after your intro. But I like your editing style in this reel.
  13. Hi everybody! Please check out my recent project I made for AE templates.
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